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  1. Thank you DarkScorpion, your post was helpfull (i hope i understood it well, i dont know english so good) and i have question about fans, the thing that really matters in fans is the CFM, right ?
  2. you didnt understand me i dont need a cooling system for me, i want to "Be back to business" to help other people i havnt been in this forum or any other cooling forum for more than half a year so i dont remember alot exept the TT SP series and the XP's... got me ?
  3. i dont know who remembers me, but i havnt been in the forum for more than half a year so i wounder if there is a guide or something about new heatsinks, because i barely remember anything... or maybe the best way is to read the forum and begin to understand... thanks
  4. but thermalright has heatpipes, so its not so bad isnt it ?
  5. ok i'll tell him to try that thanks (:
  6. ah..k, thanks and i think there is too high, but i dont think the pump can get too high
  7. try to resat it, and check is its well connected with the screws
  8. hi my friend have an OCed GF6800GT the load temp is 82C is this safe ? thanks
  9. try both ways (brown to ground, and then blue to ground) and then u'll know the best (:
  10. yea u r right... try to rub it with something
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