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  1. I must have been living in the dark for the last couple years.. Cuz I missed this phad... I am glad, cuz it looks redunkulous. I can't believe people would ride around like that. On top of that, that exhaust in the first video.. wtf dude.. get that fixed.. The fart cannons went out with the OG Fast n Furious. ey yi yi..
  2. I always sit close no matter how big the screen. Just like when I was a kid.
  3. The photos wont be much of an issue because I do photography.. I came across this photo last night on Pure Michigan. I know this is photo-shopped because I do a ton of night photography and Star Trails are my fav. thing to do. This is my profile: http://www.flickr.com/photos/psywar So in that Pure Michigan photo you see the end of Dawn happening also you have this Star Trail with the photo centered on Polaris. Well that trail is about 2 to 3 hours worth of footage to get a trail like that. So that tells me right off the bat that the photo is photo-shopped. Dawn does not last 2/3 hours. On top of that the photo has Stars in the sky. Which if your doing a star trail, your not going to see single stars anywhere. So there is a layer of the night sky with the star trail over lapped. So I am looking at doing something along the lines of what the Pure Michigan photo has. Thank you guys for the links! I will give them a gander this weekend. Hopefully learn something and get some stuff made.
  4. Hey ya'll! So I am wanting to learn how to do a couple of things. I am not 100% sure what it is called. I also was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to learn how to do them. So what I would like to do: 2 or 3 photos I took on my camera. One of a landscape, possibly have a building in it. (day time) Another shot of the Night sky. Maybe another shot in the same area, but at dawn. I would like to layer it so the building will have the night sky I want above it. Then I was thinking if I get a nice dawn shot. I can make it looks like a sunset with the night sky? I might not do the whole Dawn thing, but the idea of it is what I am wanting to learn how to do. Does anyone know what it is called? Or know of any good tutorials to learn how to do this? I have never used Photoshop. So this is all new to me. Much Thanks!
  5. Nerm recommended hidemyass.com and It is pretty good so far.
  6. lol! Good luck! Sounds like your not going to need any heaters in your house come winter time.
  7. Mine does not either.. weird..
  8. Very cool story dude! That was quite an ending for sure. Always a good thing when people quit being a bully. You may have possibly changed his life in more ways then he could ever know.
  9. Dang man. I am sorry for your guy's loss! That was some hot fire. Melted the glass of the Turbo'd Truck!
  10. I would consider cloud services.. I think you would still save even if your paying yearly.. The up keep of the PC and the possibility of drives failing out in that heat. What I do personally all my super important files I keep on Dropbox. My not so important stuff is on this backup drive that I have in a ThermalTake BlackX and I put the drive inside of my Waterproof/Fireproof box I keep all my documents in. Another thing to consider if you have an Android or iPhone. Google Music - iCloud. All my music I have bought is on Google Music's Cloud. So really in theory I don't even have to backup my music even though I do.
  11. No problem man, hope it helps!
  12. Oh.. Also it sort of looks like Both video cards need to be plugged into a monitor.. I am not sure why, but all these posts I am reading require the video card to be outputting a source in order for them to work. There are several important reasons why two different GPUs is harder. 1) V7 uses a different method of enumerating GPUs than Windows does. If the GPUs are the same and Windows thinks they're numbered 0,1 when V7 has really numbered them 1,0, it doesn't matter because they'll still both work. 2) Drivers have been causing a lot of problems, and getting two DIFFERENT sets of drivers to work correctly is several times more difficult than just getting one set to work. 3) You can have both a CUDA GPU 0 and an OpenCL GPU 0. 4) V7's "automatic" multi-GPU configuration process sometimes works and sometimes does not. If you try to help it by making changes, you may actually be making it more difficult. 5) Nobody actually understands all of the possible reasons why a configuration can fail. Take a look at this Topic: http://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=23801&start=15 I did not get to read it all, but it may have a solution for you. I have to head off to bed.
  13. I actually did not know this was possible. I thought both cards had to be the same.. Interesting.. You don't have those hooked SLI do you? I think you are going to have to go to [email protected] forum and post your question. I cannot find the forum I was in the other day, but I thought I read it was not currently possible for 2 different video cards (not in SLI) to fold with the v7 client. You might have to use the v7 client for the CPU and one GPU and then run an older client on the GPU that is not initializing.
  14. Are both of those cards in the same system?
  15. My Leap Motion finally has Arrived!! Oh but here is the fun part:
  16. I bought this one a couple weeks ago: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005BZNDS0/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Its only 1080p but I really love it! Bottom monitor is the ASUS.
  17. Welcome again!
  18. lmao!! That is pretty slick!
  19. Hrmm.. Interesting thought. The 2Ch speakers should have some sort of amp built-in since there is a subwoofer attached. Welcome to OCC! This is an awesome community full of great people! I am positive you will continue to enjoy it as a registered member!
  20. On my desktop I have a 2Ch Pair of Logitech speakers and I have my Senn. Headphones. Well in order for both of these to be hooked up at the same time I added a (Y) 3MM Headphone jack adapter to the back of the PC so I could run both units off of the only output port. It turns out with it hooked up like this I can speak into my headphones and they act as a microphone. I can hear myself in my Logitech 2ch speakers. I can however still hear music clearly and perfectly out of my Senn. Headphones. 2 questions.. Why is it doing this? Will this hurt my headphones? Thanks!
  21. I had this happen on my Laptop about a year ago. It is running a Nvidia GTX 460M but the card is built-in to the ASUS motherboard. I was getting the same error just trade out the AMD for NVIDIA anyways.. Long story short the laptop was still under warranty so I sent it back to ASUS and they told me the chip was pretty much fried and they needed to replace the entire motherboard. (free of charge of course (minus shipping)) Possibly you may have a chip not functioning properly on the card. Sadly I have no idea where to begin to test that, so I cannot point you in any direction.
  22. 250G is a ton of data. I call BS on their part. I feel as if you would have to be watching Netflix 24/7 and pirating every new game and music on the internet for a whole month to get this.
  23. Very nice review Frank! I really like this board. I would probably choose this if I had the money for upgrading.
  24. I was watching some dude about a year ago.. Some science dude said it was like impossible for the human voice to make multiple sounds at once or something.. This guy did 4-6 (might have been more) instruments at once. They recorded his voice and used some software to pick out like the high hats, drums, etc. Crazy stuff these guys can do.
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