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  1. I know.. I know.. It's breaking my heart to know I will have to let it go.. I keep thinking though when I get back to the States I will go out and get another one lol! Yeah these programs are really cool. One of my friends brother is currently doing this in Czech and he loves it. I will definitely get photos cuz I love doing photography! I hope I have what it takes to live the gypsy life dude.. I have about had it with everything here.
  2. What up muh OCC Peepz!? Been thinking about this topic for some time now. I want to go out and do something different possibly life changing. Have any of you done a Working Abroad or Work Away program? If you have no idea what I am talking about this is the work away program in a nutshell: "A few hours honest help per day in exchange for food and accommodation and an opportunity to learn about the local lifestyle and community, with friendly hosts in varying situations and surroundings." If anyone has done something similar to this I am kind of looking for feedback experience and thoughts on it. Do's / Don'ts - Pro's / Con's - Etc. I really want to take it a step farther that just a few weeks to a month. I am hoping to find an accommodation for at least a year. Also doing a little more than just enough to pay for room and boarding. I want to be able to make extra money to cover my current bills. Currently looking for places in Ireland and Japan. Japan is kind of my first choice. I want to learn the culture and the language. How about you guys that have not done this before, how do you feel about it? I signed up on workaway.info if you want to see more info on what I am doing. The biggest issue I see right now for me (besides the fact I am introverted) is I just bought a 2013 Jeep last November and I am going to have to sell it for what I still owe on it so I do not have this bill to worry about. However; I am kind of certain I will get it sold. It is a beautiful and badass Jeep!
  3. You guys might as well stop trying to fold. You cannot keep up with me and my Nvidia 260 Card.
  4. Those are pretty amazing as well. I would pay to learn to dance like that.
  5. Yeah dude! Me too.. Brought me back to when I was a kid. I have not heard Beat It in a long, long time.
  6. Came across this last night at work.. It is insanely badass!
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    Xbox One

    Ahh, so games no one play.
  8. Psywar

    Xbox One

    So I posted this on Facebook and Twitter... wtf is up with this supporting 8 controllers business? My thought is: If the Xbox One was going to contain a dual HDMI out port that allowed you to connect two TV's and extend the displays I would be like... "Alright sweet stuff." Wouldn't running 8 controllers off of one TV be the definition of Cluster F***? (and by controllers I mean a single screen split in to 8 boxes/displays for 8 players.) Or did I miss something and this will actually work well?
  9. We can probably go with a DVD-9 disc for starters. Do you use a Mac? If so; what do you use for encoding to DVD? I am also not positive what he meant by look crappy. I would assume it looks grainy. He has about 10gb worth of footage @ 1080p and I know Encore compressed all of that to about 2gb (I think) on his DVD. I did not personally see his DVD though so I don't know for sure. I will ask him and get his response.
  10. Heeey ya'll I am posting this for my brother. He owns a Sony NEX FS-100 and he shot a wedding last weekend with it. 1080p @ 23fps He is having an issue putting this wedding on to DVD and having it not look so crappy when he plays the DVD back. Could you recommend to me or explain to me how he should go about converting his video to burn it to DVD and still make it look good. He is using a Macintosh - He has pretty much everything needed to convert and publish the film. I am under the assumption DVD is 480p (Widescreen) 854x480 would give the 16:9 ratio? Is there a special codex as well he should be using to take this video file and dumb it down? He has all the Adobe Programs including Encore which is what he initially used. Thank you guys for any and all help!
  11. Nice Car Dude! Nothing wrong with that for your first car. Being a hatch back and such the insurance should be a heck of a lot cheaper on you as well. My second car was a station wagon and I ended up turning it in to a sleeper (Turbocharged 99' Saturn SW2) so when you feel ready and willing you can always give her a little more go-go power!
  12. He is probably tearing up the town!
  13. Where do I sign up?! Right @ Scubaru's Website man! They are also looking for engineers to help test their new underwater Boost Generator. That's pretty funny, lol. As good as that AWD system may be, it's not gonna help much when you're... on thin ice! LOL! True!! Awesome dude! Post Photos!
  14. Waco, You are being a "Debbie Downer" in this thread man. Don't be so negative! The NSA loves us and they only want what is best for the Amuricanz of the USofA.
  15. Where do I sign up?! Right @ Scubaru's Website man! They are also looking for engineers to help test their new underwater Boost Generator.
  16. Subaruuuuuzzz! Nice choice to wait and see man. I love Subys! They make 15psi Boost in reverse.. I would love to be the guy who had to program the A/F Ratio and Spark Timing for that. What are we doing today sir? "Reverse Burn-outs!"
  17. I'll be back to it tonight.. My Geforce 260 is pretty much dead.. I am using MSI Afterburner on it right now.. I have to keep the fan at 70% or the damn thing overheats and shuts down.. When I turn on [email protected] or a video game I have to run it at 100%.
  18. cuz it's the internetz. this is what we have learned from the internetz. Chrome Incognitio + PeerBlock + Proxiez + 0day = win! But seriously this is what the internet tells us.
  19. Congrats on getting your first car! This is a major step to manhood! Next you will be doing Oil Changes and swapping in a Turbocharger.. Adding in those loud ass RFL BOV's!
  20. I have used it back in the day to attach a TEC to a heatsink as well. Oh and my old ghetto ram cooling back in the day when I attached Pennies to my Ram to create cheap ghetto heatsinks.. I think this was like back in 2002..
  21. But guys... your missing the whole point... I uhh.. well I forgot where I was going with this.. Well you know... Yeah... 1 act, 1 class.. why would you not buy this? So.... yeah.. how about that guy who bought John Lennon's Tooth and is planning on extracting the DNA from it and creating a John Lennon Clone?
  22. This has actually been around a while. I bought Battlefield 3 off of Origin back when it was released. I absolutely hated it.. I was attempting to get back into FPS PC games and.. yeah.. Did not go well.. Anyways I ended emailing Origin and telling them I was unhappy with the game and they gave me a total refund on the game. This was like 1 or 2 years ago. I guess all you had to do was ask. The funny thing too is I can still play BF3.
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