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  1. I always wanted to get the Kinect as well, but I have about 2 1/2 feet between my TV and my bed so I could never get up and do any sweet dance moves
  2. (ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD) Hey Everyone, I am looking to sell my Xbox 360.. I know it is outdated, but I thought maybe someone would want it. I would like to get $160 shipped for it. This is everything that is included: 250 GB Storage Internal Wifi 3x 360 Controllers - 1 Controller does not have a charger cable HDMI and RCA Input Cables 2x Xbox 360 Headsets Hard Drive Transfer cable to move stuff from your old 360 to your new one. 12 Games: Forza 3 PGR (Project Gotham Racing 4) Guitar Hero 3 Rockband 2 Lego Star Wars Star Wars - The Clone Wars Star Wars - The Force Unleashed Star Wars - The Force Unleashed 2 Call of Duty Black Ops Battlefield Bad Company Marvel Ultimate Alliance / Forza 2 Red Dead Redemption I do not want to part it out. You get everything and if you don't want it throw it away when you get it. Everything works. I am just looking for cash and trying to minimalize my life and the things I own. It is currently up on ebay. If someone here wants to buy it I will pull it off of ebay for you guys. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261917227584?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. Hopefully we will see some new information on this game at E3. I am really looking forward to it.
  4. The controller looks too funky for me to spend $50. We should see if Bosco can get his hands on one for our reviewers to review. The Steam Link on the other hand I really dig and I am thinking about pre-ordering that. I have not really checked out anything on it as of yet, so I am wondering if my Xbox 360 controller will work with it. I would love to play me some Dragonball Xenoverse on my TV.
  5. Psywar

    Dragonball Xenoverse

    Aight.. I posted a video of the stream.. Sorry for my lack of personality and talking I am new to streaming and playing.. It is actually quite complicated to do. Also if you want to know what it is like to be horrible at video games this is a great stream to watch me get my butt handed to me. I blame it on not playing the game though for about a week. My first fight with Vegeta I completely forget to target him at the start of the battle. Me getting destroyed: Late Night Powerlevel Session: Finally kicking Vegeta's butt and getting Final Flash + I got Super Saiyan:
  6. Psywar

    Dragonball Xenoverse

    I really dig it. I will try and setup my cast tomorrow when I get home from work and post a video on here.. Not that the video will be any good or worth watching. It gives me something to do while I am playing though lol!
  7. Psywar

    Dragonball Xenoverse

    lmao! I actually expected more people here to have it. I am hoping to do more streaming soon. I think I only put in an hour or so of gaming this weekend. Damn school and work.. I wish I was rich and did not need to do either haha! Let me know if you end up getting it and we will go and destroy stuff! I didn't think I would like this type of game, but after playing it and enjoying it as much as I have, I am considering buying Naruto Shippuden Storm 3 (I think it is called). I did see that they are working on #4 so I might just wait until then.
  8. Anyone playing this? I bought it last Saturday and I have been able to put in about 20 hours or so. 13 hours of actual game time. I freaking love it so far. I am a huge DB, DBZ fan though. I have it on Steam and I was looking for others to possibly team up with an do some PQ's and what not. I am currently level 32. Steam Name: Psywar in-game: Psywar If any of you are playing it on PC do you notice a bunch of screen tearing during videos? I was considering turning v-sync on to see if it would stop it without messing with my performance.
  9. Mine was as well. We had an accident last year though and my account got deleted, so it tech says I created it in 2013 lol.
  10. I would really, really love to see them do a Star Wars : Old Republic movie series. I agree with Waco though, the stories we read from the EU books make me feel like there is going to be no way for them to make the next 3 movies any better. I actually feel like I am going to be robbed because of what I already know to happen most likely will not happen. Hopefully they stick to most of it and just change it slightly.
  11. Same here in MI. I went into work Sunday night I could have worn shorts and a t-shirt. I woke up this morning to go into work and the Jeep was covered in snow.
  12. It is quite weird that she was in this because I thought I had heard she got kicked off Transformers for being a bitch. So I was surprised to see M-Bay brought her on for this. Well.. On the upside at least it does not look like they are Alien. In the trailer they said something like "We wanted to create".
  13. Yeah the modded Canons are def. ideal for astro shots. I think next weekend I am going to build my barn door tracker and hopefully go out soon and see what I can get with my 300MM and my 500MM.. The weather here in Michigan is starting to really tick me off.. We just got another 3 inches of snow and it is still falling.. I am so tired of this -15F weather.. I can't wait until it is 80F and I can complain about the heat. Sadly it seems like the most expensive part of astro is getting the dang EQ-Mount. I was thinking though if I could get one that is light and really sturdy it would be a good investment since I already do photography. Having a good tripod in your arsenal is a great investment anyways. I need to win the freaking lotto..
  14. You guys should check out Astro Steve on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/above_the_horizon His setup is the same as the one I described in setup 1. He gets images that are just as good as NASA. I do understand that Alpha based filters will be required to get specific colours to pop. Also taking a ton of Lights / Flats / Dark photos and stacking them to get a decent image is going to be required. Not trying to deny what you both said, but I have been ninja viewing the astrophotography community for the past year and I have seen some amazing work from them. I would like to at least experience it for myself anyways and see what I can come up with. On the cost part though you guys are pretty much dead on because it is an expensive hobby from everything I have researched. Which is one of the biggest reasons I would like to test this out before actually spending the money on an entire setup.
  15. Hey Peepz! So last year I really got into photographing the night sky. I am currently using my Nikon D5100 and a bunch of differ lenses. Mostly my 35MM f/1.8 as it tends to net me the best results. All of my night photos can be found on my Flickr account. It is all mostly star trails and just standard wide view star shots. I am wanting to spend the money on 1 of two setups: Setup One: Scope: Astro-Tech AT8RC Astro-Physics CCDT67 CCD Telecompressor Auto Guider: KWIQ Autoguider Mount: AP Mach 1 Software: guide with PHD stacked in DSS processed in Photoshop and Pixinsight LE Secondary Setup: Telescope: Orion ED80T CF Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope Guiding Scope: Orion ShortTube 80 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube Assembly Guiding Camera: Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Mount: Skywatcher Eq6 Pro Mount Reducer/Flattener: x 8.0 Tv TRF Software: TheSkyX Professional Edition Software: Images Plus, Deep Sky Stacker As you can see the secondary setup is going to be far cheaper than the first. The main reason for this post was to kind of check and see if anyone else in MI was doing what I do but on a larger scale via telescopes? I was kind of hoping I could get together with someone and learn a bit more about what I am wanting to get myself into and maybe share the night and try out someone else's setup to make sure this is something I really want to drop this much money on. Once it warms up here I am going to work on a cheap Barn Door Tracker. I currently have all the parts needed to make this. I just need door hinges and time. I am going to attempt to do some deep sky shots using my 300MM Nikon lens and I also have this weird 500MM mirrored lens it also came with this 2x Teleconverter. I figured I would give them a try and see what happens. I should just splurge and buy a nice German-Eq mount but I just don't want to end up not enjoying it and be out $1000+ on the mount.
  16. As Andrew said above remove it for sure and run it as a secondary drive. If not every time you turn it on it is possible it is re-writing over stuff that is deleted or lost. As the others have mentioned Recuva is great. I used this a few months ago for a friend and I got most of her files back. Undelete Plus works really well too. If you are good with command prompt try PhotoRec it is a safer alternative to deep disk recoveries and quite powerful as well.
  17. Sorry I ended up going to sleep after I posted. These guys are steering you in the right direction though. If you can get the program wevspot suggested on a USB drive it will run the virus remover software before the windows environment boots completely up and will hopefully remove it before any of the services start running. This is ideally how you need or want to remove those nasty bugs.
  18. boot your PC in safe-mode and run AVG that might do it. another option would be to find the file manually, boot into safemode / command prompt and delete it manually. The only other advise I could give would be to use other software to remove it. See if you can get a free trial of Endpoint Protection by Symantec. Oh the other thing you could do as well is Google the Trojan it is finding and see if there are removal steps online.
  19. Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you had a great week in Vegas! Enjoy what is left of your birthday!
  20. Amazing how the mass media can color your opinion on just about anything. Before that having tried Bud, Coors, Miller, Guinness, Heineken, etc. you were SURE that you had tried enough beer to say it was disgusting. Granted Guinness isn't even that bad, but its not the filling, 'thick' meal in a glass that I've heard people describe it as. I have not tried Dragon's Milk, but after looking it up I may have to find some. Also for your beer searching, If you like stouts then you're in luck because it seems like next to hoppy IPAs the stout style lineup is enormous. Another thing, a stout is named that because it was basically a STRONG porter, so don't limit yourself to just stouts. Nowadays stouts tend to be much maltier and not just strong in alcohol content but very complex flavorfully, but don't let that fool you into thinking that they have a monopoly on the flavorful dark beer sector. There are still very good porters kicking around. That being said try these- Porter Baltic Porter Stout American Imperial Russian Imperial Oatmeal stout/porter (actually brewed with oats, they tend to have an amazing mouthfeel, think almost putting pop rocks in your mouth as you drink it, but not quite as vigorous) Milk stout (definitely split a bottle with a friend, these can be hit or miss, you love them or you hate them) Dry stout/porters (and by extension dry anything will be the same as milk stouts, English style ales as well with their minimal flavor and no carbonation should be avoided as well) Probably lots of other beers that fall into this category of flavorful dark beers, but you'll just have to try one of every kind to get a good preference. Also it seems ultra nerdy, but when you go to a beer store and you're trying something new you should search for that beer on BeerAdvocate or RateBeer to see what the average score is. It would suck to try a beer and have it leave a bad impression on a whole beer style only to find out it was a poor example, just a really bad beer overall or It may also be that the brewery calls it one type of beer but that it actually is technically under another category. Holy beer information Batman! Thanks for that! I will definitely consider giving other beers a chance. So the other beer I dug is called: Founders Breakfast Stout. Going to find some after work tomorrow and drink that up over the weekend!
  21. I am still driving my 2013 Gecko Green Jeep! Freaking love it!
  22. Happy New Year! So a month ago I went from not liking beer to saying "Hey this is pretty good stuff" So in my area if you go to a bar your choices are pretty limited.. It is either Bud/Bud Light/Bud Plat./ Sam Adams. So as I mentioned in a prev. post on here I was heading to North Carolina and I was going to brew my very own beer with a buddy of mine. So I did and it turned out pretty damn awesome. We ended up calling it Dr. Drank. Its main ingredient was Dr. Pepper. If any of you make beer and want to try I took a screen shot of the recipe and I will post it here. The one thing you need to know that is not on the instruction/ingredient list is we had to make a super yeast pack. I don't remember exactly how we did it, but if you make beer you probably know what I am talking about. We fed a giant slap pack of yeast a bunch of sugar.. Put it in the fridge over night. Then we redid the process the next day to double or triple the yeast count. So anyways.. after this past month I have learned that bud light / bud.. is pretty gross.. I guess I should say I found that I am not a fan of light coloured beer. I absolutely love this beer called Breakfast Stout. I don't remember who makes it. All I know is it taste like coffee lol! I am also not a huge fan of coffee which makes it kind of weird as well. Oh and I bought Dragon Milk the other day for last night.. Drank that all up! Plus I have 30+ bottles of this Dr. Drank I have been drinking.. Andrew! I seen that Narwhal beer next to my Dragons Milk! I almost bought that! I will try it next time for sure!
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