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    3770K @4.5 MHz (air cooled)
    GTX 670 4GB SuperClocked SLI
    Triple Asus 144 hz monitors
    Rat 7 mouse
    Razer BlackWidow KB
    32 GB GSkill
    ASUS P8Z77-WS MB
    Samsung 240 GB SSD's
    2 WD 1T Raptor's (RAID Array)
  1. rpg


    Right, but Lab Rats are... Thanks for your kind and positive reply.
  2. Thanks all for the terrific feedback. I'm probably being a little hard on myself. I'm actually not too bad but guess we all have the desire to improve. My goal at least right now in game is to unlock all the weapon extras so this alone gets me in trouble and doesn't really lend itself to a great K/D ration. Red1776, Thanks for the thought; yes I do wear glasses..actually "HD" glasses or at least that what they tell me. Pretty much a fact of life after ~40 for most. Even more so after 60.. Amazing how little changes to your system can make a difference...Just last night I was "messing" with the msconfig file and clicked the PCI Lock box and bam could not boot again due to bootrec failure. Man, several hours later I fixed but what an inconvenience. Oh well, guess that's what makes us better...experience right? Take good care all..
  3. rpg


    Thoroughly confused?? Area 51 maybe? Lab Rat and Lab Rat2..hmmm
  4. OMG..so creative. Star Wars theme seems to be in a lot of tech. If you're familiar with Vocera (VOIP) walkie talkie essentially, there are several star wars "Easter eggs".
  5. rpg


    Thank you
  6. rpg


    That's why I included you. I see so often in the game I play, BF3 the word "guys" or "he" is used with no mention of the other gender. I like to whenever possible be mindful of all. In game, it's difficult to play and type so to type guys/girls gets me shot...lol No offense intended and please do not take one. I have no intention of offending anyone in any of my posting. My intend is to share my knowledge and to learn from others all in a kind respectful manner. Respectfully,
  7. Yes, I agree on the posting skills. I just notice again this happened. Here's what I saw: I wrote the reply and hit post. Don't recall seeing a message that said it had posted so I scrolled up to see if I could see it then didn't see it so I scrolled back down and the message was still there so I hit post again and the message remained. Only then did I realize I had posted twice. Is there a way to improve what I'm doing? Please enlighten me as I'm this is purely inadvertent.
  8. Lab Rat, LOL..mind you i'm pretty new to the whole "tech" world. I like the idea of tweaking the hardware. Reminds me of the days when I used to tweak cars to get a little more HP or whatever out of them. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Okay, thanks that's pretty much what I wanted to hear. I didn't know whether oc'ing would give me more of an advantage or just add unnecessary stress to the system. Thanks again!
  10. rpg


    Bishop245, Seriously 10 years on OCC? Now eleven, right? I'm impressed. Not only says a lot about you but says a lot about the forum/club itself. History and loyalty count for a lot in my book.
  11. Hi Redspeed93, Might be a little late for my post but nevertheless I watched your YouTube uploads. I have not read all of the other post but here's what I noticed: Music...I like to hear the adrenalin pumping/pounding music with BF3 vids. Not something so outrageous but something that fits the moment. Introduction: I like to see someone that puts a little effort into the production before showing the actual content. Something creative with the name or what the production is about. Content: Good stuff here, although the IR got a little boring. On screen titles and information are neat as well as comments in game. I like to hear what the player is thinking and/or his/her strategy. Ending: Again, music to settle the mood, a little about yourself, and a thanks for watching. All in all, good stuff you have and my thanks for taking the time to post the "tubes". I've trying to edit some home movies so I know the whole process is not as easy as it looks and it time consuming so strong work on your part for your efforts. Bests,
  12. Hello to all: I started playing BF3 a little over a year ago. Since then I've built a pretty decent system yet I still don't see what I would consider an improvement in my game. Not that I'm great to begin with but I wanted to hear from all what your thoughts are in term of how much does hardware make a difference. I'll list my current system and hope someone can give me some pointers which might tweak hardware more to gain a little more advantage. Mind you, I have to go the hardware route as my reflexes are not what they used to be. No matter how hard I try the twenty something's literally run circles around me. Here goes: iCore 7 3770K OC to 4.4 MHz 2 GTX 670 SLI 4GB SuperClocked (rarely oc the cards). If I do I only boost memory to around 700+ and processor ~40+ 32 GB G.skill ram DDR3 2400 (no oc, don't know how yet) Triple ASUS 144 MHz monitors but game on one. Get too dizzy using the surround feature ASUS p8z77-ws motherboard RAT 7 mouse Razer keyboard Corsair Vengeance 2000 headset System is air cooled entirely Think that's it. Any and all comments, suggestions, tips, and/or criticisms appreciated. Bests,
  13. rpg


    TY! You guys/girls (just in case, politically correct) are great and the welcomes are much appreciated.
  14. Agree with Demigod, "looks like you got some pretty good stuff there".
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