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  1. I think I beat you all. My parents bought me a brand new car, then my dad hooked me up with a car, then I used that money to buy a kickass system. HAHAH I WIN.
  2. ya well mine supports nerds to what now hahaha
  3. eh, i think it's just the pic lol cause i see him all the time, although i must say he does look like him now that i think of it i did the same thing (made my own shoes) but mine are way better HAHAHAHA
  4. that would own plus free shipping, holy s******
  5. you bought a modding case and you have nothing to mod it with...that's like...the least amount of logic i've heard lol
  6. ...it makes me wonder....why live....why
  7. ha you were OC'd, software gets screwy once you OC unless you have an OC program yadayadayada
  8. it's currently at 930, almost there
  9. dude the original star trek was freakin awesome, i just dislike the one on a space station, that was crap. oddly i only live like...35 mins from him...rip
  10. i want to see the other pic from the frontal view, maybe it will give us a better judgement
  11. ya i sighend (sp) and i couldn't spell that lol, ya i hate hackers and in your case, i have sympathy towards your situation. lets get them MOFOS YAYAYAYA
  12. umm that was retarded...let alone fake, this should be deleted out of pure dumbness
  13. hmmm lol is anyone gonna buy my stuff. if pics are needed i'll barrow a friends camera and show you all the stuff.
  14. eh i've seen 6800 gt's for more, i'll have to say pass unless you get more mullah
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