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  1. SeV.o3 TwiZZler

    Diablo 3

    Just hit 60 didn't even finish Hell lol.. Kinda miss the trading system from D2 atleast until the economy stablizes
  2. yea theyre similar imo dota is still very simple though compared to LoL
  3. I find it really easy to last hit in DOTA 2 vs HoN, and i think the graphics are actually really nice and smooth in dota 2, i cant stand LoL because of "cartoon" graphics but like i said earlier the Field of view or HUD seems really cramped
  4. Oh yeah i forgot about not being able to see the heroes outside of picking them for a game, it really leaves no choice for you to read up on the heroes in that short time, I only know which heroes are which cause alot of my friends played the original dota and I'am used them using dota terms while playing HoN. I think while its in beta stages they have it more geared for returning players then new ones. Im not sure about your hotkey problem, i'll try it out in a few. edit: theres a rolodex of all the heroes if you click "Learn" at the top of the screen Also how can i invite others into the beta? games like this are alot better when playing with friends
  5. I just got invited into the beta today and these are some of my first impressions of dota 2 I've played the original dota maybe 3 times max, but I've been playing Heroes of Newerth for about a year in some change and I've tried league of legends a couple times but wasnt a fan (Seems to cartoonish? and half the time had no clue what i was doing but still managed to stay positive.) Overall i think dota 2 is pretty solid, if you were to compare hHoN vs dota2 i say HoN is alot more noob friendly everything pretty much laid out for you; if you were new you could jump right in and what take long to get accustomed to the game. The graphics and animations are pretty awesome in dota 2 , your field of view seems pretty cramped and its easy to lose your sense of direction in a team fight.
  6. Haha yeah this rig lasted me a long time and still runs newer games pretty well considering its age.
  7. Got a new computer recently, have no use for this now it's just been sitting. Havent been into the computer scence lately so not really sure how much this stuff. I guess just leave some offers $250 for the whole thing AMD Athlon XP Mobile 2500+ (@2.3ghz, unlocked multiplier) $20 2x80 gigabyte Seagate SATA hard drive $40 for both Nvidia 7800GS 256mb AGP video card $50 2 GB ram $50 Windows 7 premium ASus A7N8X-E deluxe motherboard $75 Willing to part out and trade
  8. Look up the Samsung Omnia for verizon has pretty much all the same features as an IPhone, got one about 3 to 4 months ago no problems at all Has a tons of customization for me its like getting a new phone every couple days lol. They have i think 3 new verisons of the Omnia coming out pretty soon also
  9. I got on B.net about a week ago and accidently deleted my mule lol..
  10. My favorites are Grey Goose Ciroc Vodka and Hennesy
  11. Should check them out, Hyundai has turned around alot... for 22k base model you get - 2.0L Turbo 4-cylinder Engine w/Dual CVVT - Electronic Stability Control with Traction Control System Anti-lock Brake System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist - Sport-tuned suspension with strut brace - Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Front, side, side air curtain air bags - Active front head restraints - Driver’s lumbar support - Trip computer - Manual A/C - Metalgrain and chrome interior accents - Keyless entry system - Leather-wrapped steering wheel/shift knob - Power windows, door locks, & mirrors - AM/FM/XM/CD Player - USB/iPod/Aux jack connectivity - Steering wheel audio controls - Cruise control - Auto light control - Bluetooth connectivity 6 speed manual or 6 speed automatic with paddle shifter 10 year/100.000 mile warranty
  12. Check out the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe the 2.0 turbo starts at 22k the V6 starts at 25k, im thinking about getting one this summer
  13. think regular member is position 6 if i remember correctly not sure though
  14. If you have an old account, all you have to do is C/S and ask them to restore, they usually reply within a day I was going play again but some one stole all my stuff when i tried to restore lol... I still might play though If anyone wants a level ~30 knight just PM me
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