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  1. good call on teh updating the bios... that did it. i am finally up to 3.4, so friggin stoked. lol, whatev
  2. ok, all that is running in the backround is [email protected] and SETI. Why would that make teh v-core go down, if thats whats going on? What i am asking is, would it be safe to up the voltage in teh bios without chancing a fried Processor... if I am running 1.632v at a 1.70v setting in the bios.
  3. I'll try that, see what may come of it. -- ok, i think i may have underestimated teh use of a floppy drive... is it possible to flash from a cd?
  4. when i look at cpu-z, beside "voltage" it reads b/t 1.632v and aboot 1.64v, however, I know for a fact that i have the v-core set at 1.70v in teh bios.... are these two different voltages, or is one of these things (Bios/cpu-z) wrong?
  5. I cant seem to be able to get me P4 2.8c over 3.39Ghz. My v-core is at 1.70 at the moment and i know that it can be dangerous to raise the voltage of a P4 over 1.7... so i havnt messed too mugch with that. I have tried the Ram dividers though... nothing seems to work. Am I totally maxed out at 3.9? Or should I look into a better cooling sys, better mobo, what? Oh, also. when i tried to take it back down to 3.39 from testing it at 3.4 (and not being able to boot into winblows) it wouldnt take... i had to take it back down to 3.75. I am confused about why that happened.
  6. i found this little beast in my house once... freaked me right the heck out turns out its a wasp... though it looks like a real pissed off ant
  7. andrusk, which path did you take? Did you focus on strenth, Skill, or Magic? Oh, and how did you open the demon door that makes you get your Combat Xer up to 14? there are no enemies around to work off of... I cant seem to figure that one out.
  8. Well, I just got back to the dorm yesterday and I played the game non stop for about 8 hours last night.... I love it! The only problem I have with it is that the game seems a bit too short, but its all good, there are many different ways to play.
  9. from what i hear this gaem pretty much rawks. I just bought it to day but i am going to havae to wait till i get back to ASU to play it... i will start tomorrow. Still tryin to figure out what side to take...
  10. Cool, try to compare fighting style (Morrowind is rather lacking in that i would say), ease of gameplay, and the weapons and such
  11. Has anyone played Morrowind? How does Fable compare to that? Is fable similar to any of the D&D games (Demon Stone, Dungeons and Dragons)? Those games really dissappointed me. So what I am wondering, how does Fable compare to Morrowind, one of the best RPGs ever IMHO.
  12. I got better stats before... but my roomate closed out the box before I had a chance to Print Screen it. I'll post better ones soon. This is with my 2.8 running @ 3.37
  13. Hey all whats up. I have been reading up on the g-mail thing and would like to have an account myself. This is the first time ive asked because i figured they would all have been taken by now, lol. I guess not.
  14. when i plug the monitor in.. nothing comes up. THus i cant see what i would be doing on the screen.
  15. i dont think that would be a prob... i mean, it worked fine on my laptop that jsut got a new installation of XP pro. but i'll try. its an old e-machine monitor (ugh... i know)
  16. My friends monitor is being really weird. WHen i connect it to his computer it doesnt seem to recieve a signal from the computer. When i connect the monitor to my computer.. it works fine. Now, when i conect my monitor to his puter everything works fine. I dont understand why his monitor jsut doesnt like his computer. It was working fine until I installed XP Pro onto his computer... he previously had 98. I dont see how that would effect or cause the situation. Any one know whats goin on?
  17. i have run ad-aware and AVG and they dected nothing.. soo i am thinkig that it is not either one (spy or virus)
  18. Every time I start up my computer... i get these three web pages that load up. Its not spyware and i cant seem to find a virus pertaining to them. what could they be and how do i smite them.
  19. Man, this just keeps getting better and better... Significant dates, hidden messages, countdown timers... when does the movie come out? lol oh, and about the talk about august 24th... just thought i might share this. August 24th is significant because it is the day that Cortana and the Master Chief took over the pillar of autumn also, the site www.ilovebees.com was created on 6-14-04 (not long ago at all) and that adds up to 24. It is hosted on rackspace.com which is used for hella high bandwidth. I am guessing that they knew that the site would get massive traffic when the trailer came out. its a site about bees, this might be a long-shot... but: BEE - Bungie Easter Egg http://www.cafeshops.com/ilovebees.12642001?zoom=yes#zoom - this has "11+9+04" at the bottom in Halo's unmistakable font. This is the release date for H2 (Nov 9)... and it adds up to 24. August 24th.... what is going to happen?
  20. thx... i'll look into something like that.
  21. Yes, I know that is the point of a trial... lol. But I want to delete the piece of the program that is still on my computer. However, I do not know where that is.
  22. What tells a program that the trial has expired? Why when I uninstall a trial program, then reinstall it... it still "knows" that the trial time is up? How do I get rid of this pesky ordeal?
  23. So i installed Slackware 10.o recently, hearing that it was fairly easy to use. Throughout the installation process i got the impression that there was going to be a windows-ish-kind of type of setting. However, when i got to the end of my installation and rebooted, i couldnt do anything. I am sure that it was probably because i am just Linux stupit. SO the bottom line is that i lost everything on my HD and had to reinstall XP Pro. 5.5GB of music, hundreds of pictures, games and more of the like. Maybe i am the only one that now knows this, but dont try to run linux if you dont know how, it sucks to lose alll your files. dangitish
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