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  1. ok, I will try FAT32... but we I did try installing Fedora again and again... 4 times actually. Nothing. When i try to install Win XP Pro, everything goes fine untill it has to restart. At that point it goes into "press any key to boot from CD......" then jsut decided to chill, indefinately. what the heck is going on?
  2. What do you think, Do you have one? or are you asking for an opinion?
  3. Hot damgn, I finally got this whole signature thing all figured out... I am soo Photoshop Illiterate that even this simple Sig aggravated me to all get out. Is there a place that has "how to's" for PSCS?
  4. fair enough, we make the evil... the women consume then become it
  5. Ahhhhh, so It was the ASUS board that kept crapping up? I couldnt remember which one it was. MSI must have ben the one that wasnt the best overclocker but ws really stable, right?
  6. Ive got a friend that installed Linux (Fedora) and now he wants to be rid of that and install WinXP Pro. However, when we put the Pro disk in the drive... it get to the "checking system hardware.." then the screen blacks out and nothing happens. Is there any other way to remove linux from the computer... or might there be a problem with teh XP Pro disk?
  7. I have a friend that was having some problems with his MSI. From what happened to him, it kind of turned me off on MSI
  8. Sweet, I'll def look into a DFI lanparty.... if they are pretty much equal then i think my only deciding factor will be mobo features and price, mainly price.
  9. Well, muchos hard feelings against "ANUS" lol SO what of the DFI against an ABIT IC7 MAX? I mean hey, if im looking at something that comes with a fan on the NB, thats pretty much a plus. In what way does DFI actually out weith the abit?
  10. Math never lies, and because its the universal language... women are evil all over the universe....crazy!
  11. Thought this was pretty friggin crazy.... I first saw this back in AP Physics from a friend. Its not new by any means (women have been being evile for quite a while now) so whatev if you've already seen it. Women Are Evil Girfriend = Woman Woman = Time x Money We all know that time is money... time = money woman = money x money woman = (money)^2 We also know that money is the root of all evil, correct? money = sqrt(evil) woman = [sqrt(evil)]^2 Hence, woman = evil
  12. Yeah, thats what I figured right off... yet the XP is more expensive and I cant really figure that out. Neither come with a fan... sooooo? hmm
  13. any certain board in particular any of you DFI guys would recommend?
  14. Im looking to get a new heatsink for my CPU, hoing to achieve better clock speeds. Right now i am looking at either a Thermalright "XP-120" or "Sp-94." has anyone had experience with either one? the SP is all copper but i read somewhere that the XP (copper base) is pretty dangm good. any input? Right noew I am using a Gigabyte 3D rocket cooler, it keeps my temp at about 41*C OCd @ 3.4. Would I even get much of a temp difference?
  15. only one i could come up with is the DFI "LANPARTY PRO875B" - $170 What makes you like DFI over ASUS or Abit? I dont seem to hear much about DFI
  16. I am looking to upgrade my Abit IS-7 mobo to either an IC-7 Max II/III or an ASUS equevalent. What is an ASUS board, P4 socket 478, that is around the same price range ($140) & and is in the same preformance range as an IC7-Max II?
  17. I am trying to make a backup copy of a few DVDs i have (I am really bad about losing disks) and when i try to make an Image file, i cant seem to get passed the write protection. Isnt alcohol 120 supposed to bypass all that stuff? How can I make a copy of my disks so I lower the chance of losing teh cash i paid for them?
  18. the 3.2EE actually survived it? dang... thats crazy. on the 3.2C, are you over clocking up to par and all still?
  19. Actually fell off the mobo?!?!? dang, thats crucial. Thanks for the link.. if it gets to teh point where i think its a bigger porb, ill have to order one. They're out of stock right now. C'mon ABIT, its just a small NB fan
  20. I was tryin to figure out some wiring in the computer and about 8 minutes after i had put everything back I realized that the CPU fan wasnt connected to any power. So, 8 minutes w/o any cooling but the heatsink itself... is that going to eff up my Processor too dramatically? Soon as i found out i turned it off, connected power and dropped the clock back to the orginal 2.8. Hope its not efed up. its running fine right now.
  21. I noticed today that my Northbridge fan wasnt working properly. WHen i turn the computer on, the fan starts off at what is a normal speed... then kind of sputters down a notch for some reason. It is noticebly moving slower than when it is frist turned on. What is going on? Power deficciency? Fan Deficcency? what? Mobo problem?
  22. I beat it too, only took 12hours.... kind of dissappointing. But hey, I really love this game. I like the combat, much better than in morrowind. I took the good path, i am pretty much 95% good, i have the whole halo and ethreal butterflies around my head and all. My next character is mos def going to be evil as sin, lol. I just really wish that it was a longer game.... i am used to the 180 hours of gameplay that morrowind ahs to offer, and thats just for one character. so many possiblities with character customization. I'll agree with justan 100%, a mini quest generator would be key.
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