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  1. yeah, i actually really like that one... but one thing is that i cant figure out how in the heck to make it burn so I can add data after I burn. Everytime i try to add data later, it makes the other data unusable... and thats real frustrating. also, it has started asking me for a donation and now its not burning... what the heck
  2. I al looking for a good open source burning software, does anyone know of one that they know to be pretty decent?
  3. um, the links dont seem to be working... at all.
  4. I know the Prez of Pi Kappa Phi here at Appalachian State Univ. and he is trying to get me to Pledge next semester, however, I dont like the idea of Buying Friends... but i do have some good friends in frats. Its too much $$, IMHO
  5. Hey, vampire... sorry to be off topic, but what theme on firefox are you using?
  6. Dang mman, how in the heck did you manage to do that?
  7. Firefox is the great... I had a smaller logo on my sig for the "O" in HALO 2... but i think that this is better.
  8. pi-dickens_project


    DTTL....ha ha ha, do you say that to every new member, kurosen?
  9. yeah, personally i think the symmetry of the outer stuff is not complementary to teh saber-ish image in teh middle... IMO
  10. pretty alright man... nice indeed. Middle part is the best, i think.
  11. pi-dickens_project


    dave, whats happening? Welcome..... i wonder who will be the forst to say "Are you folding yet?"
  12. thas pretty cool, that side bar looks rght handy. Seems a bit bulky tho. THe google type HD search sounds pretty cool i would say. But, how is it different from the existing search?
  13. I would have to say that she is the Hott. good choice man.
  14. SMOKING IS THE GAY!! Why put a down payment on a Tracheostomy, ugh. Besides, they're expensive as all get out. Wouldnt you rather spend it on coke or something? (um, the soda...not the drug)
  15. Got a question, what is the OTES actually supposed to do? cool the capasitors? what in the heck is that supposed to help with?
  16. I love that car... a lot.... i would marry it. How could you think that it is butt arse ugly?!?!? If anyone would like to donate to the "Get me a 05 Mustang" fund... just send a check, if you do this all of your dreams will come true.
  17. What could you possibly be doing that would require even 2 gigs, let alone 4?!? lol. Ive got 1024 of PC 4000 and I love it... its really workin out well for me. I cant imagine that i would need more than a Gig
  18. that is friggin crazy! ha ha, i didnt even see it at first till i noticed that the Diablo (i think thats what it is) was being reeeeaaaalll 2D. lol. That paint job is crucial, i give it 5 years before its th ebiggest craze!!! ha ha
  19. Damgn, they actually have them in stock. The first site so far that sells them. sweet.
  20. yeah, i did see that post. I guess the only way is either looking toward the IC7-G or Max II or just trying an open box one.
  21. How much would an IC7 Max III go for? Ive been looking around and I cant find a site that sells them. I did find one on Ebay that i am curently debating on bidding for. What is the price range for one?
  22. What is the voltage ladder like on the CI7-Max, at what integers do teh voltages go up?
  23. ha ha, well put... well put indeed! So, this proof concluded that women are better than frineds... due to certain perks of the benefitting persuasion.
  24. What is that blue thing with the two fans? does your Vid Card not get enough cooling?
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