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  1. i saw hopeis, and I got confused and gave up
  2. I wonder when we stopped wearing clothes because they are comfortable and started wearing them because other ppl say we should? I wear clothes that I think are comfortable... be it AE, Gap, Goody's, Goodwill, wheteva.
  3. , i was noticing that my orginal post seemed to turn into a "lets promote AMD" post
  4. so witch processor of all that have been mentioned, is the best overall? Consider overclocking and speed... what one is going to come out on top? I hear that 3500+ sct 939 is good, that seems to be a general consensus. Thoughts?
  5. Been using it since June, I absolutely love it. i install it on all fo my friends computers... its a crap load better than IE!
  6. has AMD been talking about any plans for a new chip? Yeah, i am seriously thinking about AMD for my next cpu.. 64 bit obviously
  7. contest sounds awesome, guys. cant wait to see the stats jump! I wonder how many ppl are firing up new rigs here and there for this one? I know I am getting as many computers to fold for me as possible
  8. Welcome to OCC, it is the great..... um, and after what ASUS said, yeah, that pretty much sums it up check out the occ folding team here
  9. what could you possibly use all that stuff for?!?!? I mean, aside from the PS2s and the Game Cubes... who would really want any of that schtuff? ha ha, ebay is a wonderful wonderful place
  10. pi-dickens_project


    hey hey, whats up. welcome to OCC, its the best on teh web... IMHO. P.S. Folding yet?? OCC Folding
  11. I was just wondering if anyone knoew what the next processor Intel was palnning to put out was, and when they plan on releasing it.
  12. lookin good man! backround isnt bad at all. I dont really like the side bar, but whatever workd for you man. where'd you get that theme?
  13. actually, no... i am installing the Linux version of AIM. It does exsist and on the site it has instructions on how to install AIM under Mandrake linux, its jut that the instructions arent helping me, a beginner to linux, very much in installing the program. d3, here is what the instructions say on the site: Installation Instructions for RPM 1. Download AIM onto your system. 2. Log in as root. 3. On the command line, type the rpm command as shown in the example: rpm -i aim-1.5.286-1.i386.rpm where 1.5.286-1 represents the AIM version and release numbers. 4. To install a higher version of AIM, use the rpm upgrade option, for example: rpm -U aim-1.5.286-1.i386.rpm 5. To run AIM, log in as a regular user, and type "/usr/bin/aim" on the command line.
  14. ok, i tried to double click and after a few steps it asked me to insert 'Installation CD 4 (x86)' but mandrake only had 3 installation disks, hence my problem with that. i tried the rpm -ihv [filename] one and got this message 'failed dependancies' 'libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2 is neded by aim-1.5.286-1' what to do? oh, i dont fully understand how the ./configure make make install is supposed to work. where does teh filename go?
  15. How do I install programs from with in linux, I have mandrake. for example, i am trying to install AIM, so i go to the prompt... get to the desktop (where the aim file is) then 'ls' it.... but how do i get it installed. I am not in the know aboot how to go about it.
  16. how?? ive looked into it but cant figure it out what in the heck is LP talking about when he sais to go to - - - <a href="http://forums.overclockersclub.com/?act=UserCP&CODE=22" target="_blank">signature</a> on teh control panel???
  17. My signature keeps dissappearing... what the heck migh tbe going on? the website that i have it hosted on is still there and all.. idk.
  18. the goonie is selling a bunch of 64s... still has 7 left. check out his post in teh "For Sale" forum 64s For Sale
  19. Kerry is getting stomped.... "We can do this through the African Union..." LMAO what the heck... the african Union?!?!?!?!? ha ha Kerry is just plain getting trounced! what a maroon GO bush
  20. Tried, but for two of my e-mails the file is way too large... and G-mail doesnt seem to want to respond. sorry dude
  21. what exactly is litestep?
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