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  1. ha ha, I am not sure how good that would be considering that you are kind of at your computer when you need to turn it on... no need for any remotness. But, i guess if you dont... have... anywhere... to put a switch... then its a pretty good option. Add a remote controlled optical drive w/ 5 disk changer and you're set!
  2. ahhh, i see now. I read it wrong
  3. what, it didnt work on the first two?
  4. This free iPod thing has been floating around the forums for a while now, but i havnt seen a post of anyone who has actually gotten one. Kind of sceptical until i hear about someone actually getting an iPod. if it does indeed work, I'll use someones referral link here.
  5. i love those flashes, reall funny... ha ha
  6. it does work, man. Fast??? No, not for me anyway. I'm at ASU and maybe the server is bogged down or something. but it does work
  7. ha ha ha, how appropriate, a skull for UNREAL! thats friggin great
  8. ha ha, alright kerry finally, those damgn Klingons were really starting to cramp my style
  9. welcome man, mos def the best forum on teh web I'd say!
  10. ha ha ha, aint that the truth. thats great man. ::drill alaska::
  11. ha ha I hear ya man... yeah, I'll be good to go in december i think (unless my 2:40am cyphering is incorrect, lol)
  12. I used to have a sink almost just like that until recently... it works pretty well. I kept my 2.8c @ 3.41 around 39*C idle with it mine was for s478 tho
  13. Sorry bout wasting an entire post to this.... buuut how do i change that annoying "advance member" title?
  14. ha ha ha ha ha, wow. So, I have yet to understand why in the heck this moron is posting all this crap. AMD = Uber hacking!!! add some Linux and you get total world domination, all from ONE COMPUTER! MUH HA HA! :lol:what a crock, good for a laugh tho. I mos def think its bogus
  15. Hmm, ask him what kept him going day after day
  16. dangg man, what posessed you to do that? thats friggin awesome, and by awesome i mean reeeeaal funny but sucks for you.
  17. it doesnt run in the taskbar? you actually have a window open at all times?
  18. @ lego! thats great.... seems to be a universal method... that is a common tactic when i was in highschool, especially using smaller kids as shields by holding them by the shirt and literally using them like a dang tower shield, ha ha.
  19. All in all, does it really matter? I mean, even if you cant spell very well I am sure that everyone knows what you are saying anyway. But, I guess if it really bothers you then I'd go with teh idea of downloading a spellcheck plugin for your browser... or just learn to spell properly
  20. ha ha, yeah. truth is i went just because my roomate and another friend of mine were going AND the tickets were only $20... it was a good deal and a great time. I only like a few songs by them, but the concert was a really good time and bands are usually much better live.
  21. Has anybody seen Incubus in concert? Did anyone see the recent concert in Charlotte? It waas frigin awesome!!!! dang 15 minute drum piece with Boyd, Kenny, Jose was the best ive ever seen. INCUBUS is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Awesome, i got my question answered... after 48 responces, but whatev.
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