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  1. do you have the latest BIOS for your mobo, that might fix it. what mobo do you have... I know Abit mobos are notoriously bad with temp readings.
  2. if anyone does end up getting one and using it for their CPU, i sure as hell would like to know what the results are... i am betting this thing is hella good with cooling, going out on a limb with that guess
  3. ha ha, i know.... and I am still think about getting it Im just eyeing the ridicculous prices... $25 for a fan adapter, $20 for a controller?!!? i still think that $87 might be a bit too high for a fan, IMHO
  4. TO make it even practical it costs $87... Fan: $39 Add 80mm to 150mm Adapter: $25 Install Blizzard Rheostat Fan Controller: $20 Add 4-pin Tail: $2 thats a lot of cash for an extra 140CFM
  5. Is there any way to get passed a password on an RAR file? I downloaded this file and it has a password to extract it... whats the deal with that.
  6. How many cities can you target? What about small towns, like Lizard Lick NC? lol
  7. Is that BAWLZ? it doenst look like the writing says bawlz.... or I just so jacked up on it myself that i cant read
  8. same, Id rather have warm sunny weather, bout 85 all year round. However I am up in teh mountains of NC.... its gonna friggin snow in a few weeks. its a breezy 51 right now. Arghhhhhrraghh
  9. I saw one today at wally world that had the whole get up, scan, print, fax, copy, and all of the slots for camera storage cards. bout $130, HP
  10. Taken recently, the wall is now covered with cans... not just that little amount.
  11. originally from San Diego CA... and somehow ended up in Boone NC, Appalachain State University.
  12. hey, hows it goin.... welcome. Have you tried Firefox? Folding? all the cool kids have!
  13. 480 ppl to sign up just to get an iPod? Hell, I dont know 80 peoples' e-mails, let alone 480.
  14. Just go buy yourself a cat5, they are like 7$ at Office depot, Office max, Walmart, ect...
  15. what exactly do they mean by gone gold?
  16. Every time i try to open up my CD drive through winblows to see whats on teh cd, i always get the message 'My Computer is not responding' so i click end program. My cd drive has also stopped reading CDs. I think that it is a problem through winblows, but i am not 100% sure. Any ideas of what is goin on????
  17. i have winiso, i dont think i would know how to edit it tho
  18. what does this mean, and can i fix it? I tried to uninstall it, and reinstall but I just get the same message whenever i try to burn an ISO.
  19. Is there a way to use thunder bird with an .edu or .com email acct? I know its supposed to be only POP3 but i know some one who has a .com acct and can use it with Outlook Express.
  20. How do I open a .bin file?
  21. Mitch Hedburg..... he cracks me up!!! Especially the way he talks, thats part of what makes him sooo friggin funny.
  22. thats aweosme man, what mobo are you using? and what heatsink/fan are you running?
  23. why dont you just tell him to quit with the nonsense. I mean, after all, it is your puter isnt it?
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