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  1. if it is I sure would like to see what pocessor it would go on.... how in the heck would you mount that thing?!?! and whats with the remote?
  2. speaking of points, whats a good site for checking points... i forgot teh website.
  3. Ive got Yahoo, Gmail, Appstate, and OCC all tabbed as homepages... but Yahoo comes up first so I can check my mail.
  4. Does that card make coffee too? Toast? Ice Cream? It better for a friggin whopping $$900
  5. Be it true or not, it is rather odd that the terrorists attacked a section under construction with minimal - zero ppl inside. Sounds like teh terrorists would have known that. you were there?
  6. welcome man, OCC is a great place. Brace yourself though, its a crazy place sometimes
  7. yeah, i know... but teh outrageous way they won tonight makes me feel that the curse is waning. Wait... am I really talking like i believe in a 'curse' whatev. I am still psyked that the Sox won!!!!! friggin awesome. How many ppl lost massive amounts of $$ on this whole ordeal??
  8. Ha ha!!!! the curse is finally broken... I cant believe it. I am so friggin happy they won, does anyone else hate teh danmg Yakies?
  9. Appalachian State Univ. in a reealll shart dorm. blah. whatev. My schedule is pretty lax this semister. MWF: English, Business Law, Freshman Seminar TH: Communication, Finincial Management. No class starting earlier than 9:30 or ending later than 3:15. good times thus far.
  10. I have my 2.8c running at 3.42 stable... im getting a tornado soon though so I expect maybe a bit higher. It also depends on your mobo.
  11. Id buy it if my computer wasnt about 2 feet away from my chair, I am not so sure the thing would stretch far enough... nor would a beer can holder be practical. A coozie works great I think it's be better if you could spray a cooling mist too.... mmmmm, misty goodness
  12. wow, thats really awesome man. It really is a cool idea, i am really interested to see how well it will do when it is all finnished. I am thinking its going to do real well. B)
  13. Ive never been hypnotized but I was wondering if anyone has? I think It'd be crazy to be hypotized... though i am a bit skeptical about the legitimacy of hypnotism, if it really works.
  14. What a deal man, $90 off plus a $50 rebate?!?! good stuff, I'd go with it.
  15. how much more precesion can there be between this lazer mouse and the microsoft intellipoint? Ive got the microsoft and i love it... cant imagine how more precise it could get.
  16. This is a pretty interesting idea, i think its pretty cool actually. how did you think of all this and how are you getting all of these clubs involved?
  17. Hey, I like #2... looks like all the ones you see in movies and games and such. I guess it kinda grew on me. I like the wood on it, makes it look original. So what if owning it gives you a feeling of power? So what if it makes you feel cool? If it makes you happy then thankyou for being an american. Persuit of happiness is a notion that the US (where Sly lives) was founded on... live it up.
  18. How many night clubs are available and what kind of clubs are they?
  19. Ive has SP2 for aboot 3 weeks now, ive encountered no problems. The security alerts are annoying at times, but other than that i have had no probs. Im running a P4, i dont know if that has anything to do with it... heard that AMD users are having probs.
  20. I am not sure that water cooling on your vid will be much of a difference than the NV. I'd say cut the hasstle and stick with teh NV
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