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  1. where is the option for ipx protocol? i cant find it under "internet connections"
  2. Im trying to play AoM over the college's network, but for some reason whenever we try to play, other computers never show up. What can we do to play over the network?
  3. the ability to speak english does not give one the ability to write it properly. God help us from what? How would kerry be better?
  4. Hey, my NB fan just decided to die... is that a really big problem? or do i have a few days to order another?
  5. Bush... but mos def not straight ticket. I hate trying having to avoid the evil of two lessers, so confusing.
  6. is there a standardized leet dictionary? I mean... all over forums i seem to see all these crazy different leet words. 1337 L33t L337, bah. whats going on with all that?
  7. looks pretty cool man, too much red for my taste tho.
  8. Where can i get teh codecs so i can view all .avi files and other video files that WMP doesnt like??
  9. There will always be something that ppl can get to crack any activation that might be required. I personally dont think it will affect the industry too much at all. Only people having internet trouble will get frustrated and take the game back or not buy it at all. That must be a small # tho.
  10. blue is the only color i could find at Comp USA... and i didnt want to order offline. Im impatient sometimes.
  11. i did too... i just wanted to give it time for other ppl to guess, srry dude. congratz tho
  12. thats it man... Suppose a man comes along the road and the hangman asks him, "Where are you going?" the man replies that he is coming here so that the hangman can hang him. The answer creates an irreconcilable paradox. It is unfair for the hangman to hang the traveler, for the traveler has told the truth. If he lets the traveler go, however, its also unfair, for then the traveler would have been lying. anyone else got a riddle?
  13. dude... he is not mexican man... not at all. look at the hair cuts, bra. Since when can a mexican get a flat top, or a fro??? Since when does a mexican sound and look just like a black man and talk about his dead black mother? c'mon dude
  14. There is a hangman who stands on a hill along a road to town. Every person who passes is asked the same question: "Where are you going?" If the passer-by answers honestly, he or she is allowed to continue. If he tells a lie, he is hanged. There is, however, one reply for witch the hangman can neither hang the person nor let him go. What is that reply?
  15. Sometimes I think women are mos def from a different dimention
  16. have it... get it, it is awesome. i love it, muchos better than Vice. YOu can swim , jump walls, graphix are better, your a black gangster, you can change hair and get tats... dude, it rawks
  17. I was wondering how to compress video files. I tv captured a few things and really dont like the fact that one of them is 60GB of space. How can i cut that amount down?!?
  18. I am glad that other people voiced their displeasure back at the man, it shows too that they an excersize their freedom of speech as well. If everyone just accepted everyone eles opinions, there would be preciously boring thing to even have an opinion. Why voice an opinion if you dont want to defend it and try to make others belive it as much s you do?
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