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  1. How do i get to the CD directory while in the Lunix command prompt?!?! I am trying to install ATI Graphics drivers and I am having a hella hard tyme doing it. Help!
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    Does anyone use, or has anyone heard about XLink Kai: Evolution VII. Global Network Gaming? It is a website/program that lets you play your console (xbox, playstation2, or gamecube) online through your router (while your computer is connected to the router as well, of course). I am jsut wondering how many people have heard of it and if there are other sites/programs that let you do this.
  3. Recently i noticed that it is possible to overclock from windows. However that seems a bit odd, not having to go ino the BIOS and all. So my question is, what can actually be accomplished from overclocking from windows?
  4. I am pretty much jsut now getting out of the whole pre-built computer area and getting into custom built and overclocking. I just put my new rig together yesterday... but i still need a monitor. I was wondering, what actually makes a good monitor? Is it blatantly just quality follows high prices? Or are there good monitors out there for lower prices? And is it worth it to get a CRT Flat screen?
  5. boondock saints! man, how could i forget! great movie
  6. um, thats a lot of processors to choose from dont you think? 2.0 or higher and from either company? I kind of want to choose the best for what i am looking to use it for.
  7. Dont get me too wrong, I dont plan on editing full scale movies... just a bit more editing than a lot of people tend to do. Yes, I do plan to oc... so knowing this, a good processor would be..? I seem to be hearing a large cryout for p4... 3.0c
  8. Thanks for the info... thats pretty much what ive got lined up as of now... i am still not sure of which p4 to get but i do know that a gig of ram is goin in. something along those lines.
  9. Quote: fanATIc205: "...and ask for tthe stepping sl6wk..." What exactly does that mean? Um, I did go through the Intel vs. AMD thread and I didnt really see anything that strongly answered my question... its mostly all about everything else. Folding? no, I've got a laptop as of now... but as soon as I get my desktop rig all together and running, I am sure that I will.
  10. Hey, new to OCC and I'm lookin for some advice. I am getting a new rig and I plan to do a lot of video editing with it. A good friend of mine tells me that Intel is the way to go for editing. Thoughts on which way I should go?
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