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    Far Cry

    the shot gun works well against teh jumping trigens (teh ape like creatures) at close range... just dont get whaked by their long reach. And any accurate automatic weapon should work well against the other ones... aim for the head, seems to drop em better. Thats jsut what i haev encountered
  2. I had a really similar proble recently. It turned out to be a weird grounding problem... try taking out the mobo and connecting it to the PSu (with processor, RAM, and graphics card all connected) and see if it will post. make sure you've got it on some anti static material though. you're not serious, are you?
  3. pi-dickens_project

    Far Cry

    *edit* I am NOT running my 9600 pro at the Highest quality for far cry... that would cripple it. i was mistaken I will agree with that. A friend of mine had to put in an extra 512 mb of RAM becasue of the frequent lagging. worked great after that.
  4. How many people have you shot with a ginormous wooden stake? lol
  5. Oh yeah, how many fires would that start? lol. Yeah, i guess it must have ben a stupit grounding problem.. whatev. now i know at least.
  6. So, this is a very weird thing that happened to my computer today. I have yet to find an explanation. I had just re-connected my computer at a friends house after shuting it down only 10 minutes before and, well, it didnt really do anything when i turned it on. Oh, yes, it did turn on... but no post. Nothing. My friend and I thought maybe it was the Heatsink and that it wasnt mounted correctly... hell if that was the problem. No luck. So, then there was teh idea of jsut trying it w/ only the mobo and the graphix card connected to the pwr supply (maybe the PS wasnt putting out teh voltage needed). WEll, no luck. We unplugged everything, all connections to teh mobo and left only teh bare necessities for it to turn on and still no luck. As a last ditch effort, we took the mobo out of the case, put on teh lamo stock INTEL heatsink back on, connected teh graphix card and pwr suppy and lo and behold.... POST! What was it? Was the thing just getting cramped? Claustrophobic? Was it jsut being Difficult? I have not the slightest idea in all of ideas. works like a charm now I have a small thought that it may have been a freak grounding issue, but thats just a guess. Does anyone know what may have happened?
  7. i would find that very hard to use.... i dont think that having the feeling of pooing in complete view on EVERYONE would be very comfarting
  8. Nice Calender Tri monitor? how'd you get that set up?
  9. ha ha ha LMFAO. that is crazy. i wonder where that is... im glad kids like that dont live around here, he's just way too nice!
  10. wow, now thats odd. id hate to see it when it got to its destination.. let alone smell it
  11. um, what does it do? does it have a certain function? or is it just, like, a programable robot for random purpose?
  12. yeah... 1.7-1.75 is the max you should ever place your vCore at... for a P4 anyway. So I have heard at least. I am running at 1.7 right now.
  13. holy crap:o ... i imagine you didnt get the WU for that one. that sucks, i hope this is a freak accident coz i dont want that to happen.
  14. hardnrg: I should have posted this earlier when i first saw that statement.. but i was LMFAO for some god awful reason when i read that. that was really funny for some reason I still like water fountain
  15. I'd say just use some sort of silicone asheasive around the wire connections. Yeah that tubing if friggin great, where did you get it? great case man, whats the LCD screen for?
  16. i tryed that AXE deodorant stick, i didnt like it at all. The stenches especially. i like my 24/7.
  17. Do you also call coke, pepsi, sprite, ect. "POP" --? Bubbler.... why would you call it that, it doenst make sence. lol
  18. Hotdang! thats my president!!!!! I am so proud <_<
  19. ha ha, thats teh best way, lol. Thats cool, what made you make the decision to "engineer" your own block? Top secret project, eh? Are there going to be anymore details on what it is, or is going to be left at that, all mystery like. lol
  20. Shaq left the lakers? when did that happen?
  21. Are you talking about the screen with all the clouds and "windows 98" in the middle? If we are thinking about teh same thing, that is the boot screen i do believe.
  22. Sweet man. Is that the CPU that fanatic keeps suggesting? Maybe it was Nuclear... idk. But hey, thats awesome, i thought about getting that CPU and it seems like you are liking it thus far. any probs?
  23. martha=goodie? lol, haha... not from what i have heard. Countless stories in papers and from people about how much of a witch she is off camera. But yeah, the cell decorating... that cracks me up... i wouldnt even be suprised if the will happen to a certain extent. crazy woman
  24. ah, thankyou. Makes sense now... i am guessing that "soft" implies software. ok, cool
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