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  1. My rather un imaginative input for the text
  2. Heya thanks all guys i think i will get another hd(been meaning to for ages anyway) and install xp on that and try and recover my files.
  3. Heya all Just hoping that i can get some help here. Basically i turned on my pc the other day and i got a message saying that there was an error reading the drive, I was also given the option to reboot the pc(which didnt help). Im wondering what i should do? Should i just buy a new hd install windows and try and recover my files? any help would be great!!! Thanks
  4. looks like an old style stealth bomber, it probably IS real but some film crew needed a nice looking plane to film
  5. nice i like it did you draw it by hand? and if so did u use layers of acetate or something, welcome to occ btw
  6. i had that problem but only for 1 WU after that one everything worked fine
  7. heh i start college on 14th sep so i got plenty of time
  8. it often depends on the type of CC cos u can get ones with clear plastic shielding around the tube and ones without.... <_<
  9. lol if that thing can fly u reckon we could start some sort of pc racing thing?
  10. i leave my pc running [email protected] whenever i dont use it.. but if anyone would care to "donate" a few pcs to me id b happy to accept
  11. yer just remember which way the red & yellow ones are!
  12. theevilelephant


    Hi all only just bothered to post in this section..... the sites rocks, i love the case gallery great idea, already folding almost got 1000 points.
  13. Hey im getting a new mobo cos my current one sucks and has very few features and not enough expansion opportunities. Now im using a P4 2.2Ghz with 400Mhz FSB can anyone recommend a good mobo? bearing in mind i am NOT made out of money (Oh and a mobo that can be decently overclocked) Thnks
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