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  1. Especially if you are a hyper competitive person. I have been working from a laptop the past decade and finally got around to dusting off an old system I build and never used. Now with work from home orders from the company and all traffic considered non essential blocked on the VPN, this old 4770 is really nice to have, for folding and lots of stack-overflow/documentation look-ups.
  2. Nah, size isn't a huge thing for me, more just can I play it on stuff now and in the future.
  3. Okay, here is the scoop. I have alot of devices and systems I use in my life I have a PC, Mac, PS3, iPods, Zunes, and a media collection that I want to digitize. Now I have the audio collection all taken care of but the video is giving me a hard time trying to figure out. So I want to take advantage of the ps3 mediA server capabilities and watch movies on my ps3 and dl them on my zune. Here is my quandary what video format should I use? I have narrowed it down to mp4(h264) or wmv9(wm9v). Now I know a bit about both from all of the reading that I have been doing. But I cannot decide which one to start my digital library with I want good quality video now and future support later for the new devices and gadgets I buy. I don't want a war about this I just want recomendations supported by facts. Thanks in advance, cheers.
  4. Melchiah

    I am a folder!

    i am a folder too i just don't post much cause i am very busy with school and work and g/f
  5. may be a dumb question to ask but can you install it as a service like [email protected] or what not
  6. why not just make a tube setup like that in the smaller heater cores of cars and just bury it like 4 feet in the ground like geo-thermal cooling works
  7. Melchiah

    Do you wish

    ya i went to the microsoft launch party and got me a free copy. i liked it ya my computer was too crappy to handle so thats why i am upgrading i just dunno if i wanna dual boot yet the only problem i have had with vista is palying fear it says it cannot recognize my os and boots me off
  8. Melchiah


    its folding under my name DUH! thats how i know
  9. Melchiah


    woo hoo i stic have one active proc folding but i don't own it thats for sure
  10. Melchiah


    i bought a 67 mustang when i graduated High School so that took up all of my time for the past couple of years but now that i have it in a state where i cana trust it and the engien is where i want it i can focus on other things
  11. ya i am finishing my new box and cannot decide on how much ram i really need i am gunna get 2 1gig sticks but i dunno if i wanna go higher cause if you think that 2 gigs is enough than ok i will get 2gigs mostly this will be for gaming i don't do it all the time but when i get time i like to so how mmuch should i buy and not for that old system in the sig either
  12. can't say i have ever had a prob with OSX runs like a champ fast enough for what i do with it i use it for school and surfing web (no popups) i have windows on my pc for gaming purposes but i always have problems with it after a while my only gripe is that more things are not made for mac os
  13. Melchiah


    just wanted to say i am back after 2-3 (one of the two) Years and i have a couple new systems to build so i am stoked
  14. is there any security software that would be recomended for mac
  15. well school rolling back around and ihave decided to get a new laptop but the question posed is should i get Amd Turion or Intel Centrino cause i am readin about turion and i am getting alot of mixed impressions from it and i use centrino at work and its nice so what would you guy say
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