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    Beer.<br>Building computers.<br>Playing Video games.<br>Beer.<br>Hockey.
  1. lordofbeer

    Happy Birthday To Everyone :d

    Thanks! I see you like the beer.com girls as well! Now..... what time is she coming over my place tonight!?
  2. lordofbeer

    Happy Birthday To Everyone :d

    Thanks, already having a terrible day at work. Can't wait until its over so I can go out and have many beers....
  3. lordofbeer

    Playoff Time

    playoffs - hockey??? Opening day is tomorrow! Can't wait. Anyway baseball sucks balls, I'd rather watch paint dry.
  4. lordofbeer

    Goin' To The Concert...

    I'm goin to the Bad Religion/Pennywise concert with Murphy's Law opening up. But, umm.. no, not going to see Paul....
  5. lordofbeer

    Few Things For Sale

    Video card is AGP.
  6. lordofbeer

    Few Things For Sale

    Ok, I have a BFG 128MB 6800 OC with original box. $135 shipped UPS 2day. $$SOLD$$ Paypal only please. I can give you a UPS tracking# tomorrow morning if you buy. Thanks
  7. lordofbeer

    Regular, Mid-grade Or Super

    In my honda I use regular, in my Pathfinder I use high octane. There is a little tag next to where I pump gas that says "for maximum performace use premium grade" so thats what i use for the pathfinder. and its a 20cent difference from regular to premium in suburban chicago. $2.53 for premium! At least its not as bad as downtown chicago, $2.80 for premium!
  8. lordofbeer

    Do You Eat At Your Computer?

    I just finished a few greasy slices of left over pizza and a can of coke for breakfast at my comp. DElicous! I usually eat and/or drink beer at my comp. I keep a roll of paper towel at my desk though, so I can wipe my hands in between bites. I've never ruined any components while eating or drinking here, but I did spill a beer on my buddies keyboard while I was fixing his computer and shorted it out.
  9. lordofbeer

    In One Month, I Go Back To Stupid Land...

    oh yeah? most people here at work call Ms Office... Windows. Like this one girl said she couldnt open her windows document. she was pointing to the MS Word icon. lol.
  10. lordofbeer

    Tetris Like Puzzle Game

    ok, i wasted a couple days out of my life playing this game, very addictive. I got the girl sitting next to me playing it too and she almost wet herself because she didnt want stop. lol She finally died at level 63 and ran to the restroom. I made it to level 84 today but stopped because it looked like I would be here all day playing it. plus people kept calling me to fix stuff and I told them i was busy. I'm stopping cold turkey today.
  11. lordofbeer

    Im In Europe

    Yeah, south african chics accents are hot... If a British guy opens his mouth in the states the girls will be all over you like white on rice! My wife still has a thing for British accents. <_<
  12. lordofbeer

    Dell Dualie

    I'll bring my camera to work tomorrow and take some pics, you really cant tell how ugly it is from the link... FUGLY DELL
  13. lordofbeer

    The Only Cereal That Understands You!

    yeah, surprised its not one of those furry characters. lol
  14. lordofbeer

    Dell Dualie

    Well, I got my Pentium D Dual core setup and it just puts my P4 3.2 to shame. It opens photoshop in seconds and took no time installing office and photoshop. I'm very impressed with it, although it is FUGLY! It looks like some kind of ghetto rig they slapped together. glossy white side panels, sliver top and front panel and black drives. and underneath the drives there is a big hole you can put your hand thru. The cooling system for the cpu is HUGE, looks like it weighs a couple pounds and has heat pipes or someting sticking out. So to some it up its performs awesome but its friggin ugly, and since its a DELL, no overclocking. But its for work so i guess that doesnt matter too much. I'll prolly wait until the end of the year or next year to get my own DC for my house, BUT an AMD of course.
  15. lordofbeer

    Favorite Food Group

    mmmmmm BEER...Delicous! After a night of drinking I usually like to end it with a hot sizzling pizza. It just doesnt get any better...