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    learning new things, trying to remeber my dreams (gotta keep up the lucidity control) my computer of course, dreaming about cars i wanna buy.... and many many more!
  1. frick, that spammer is annoying as hell. ban him, please!
  2. i wasnt sure what to title this topic, but let me give you an example of what i mean. When i was first getting into computers, i started building computers at my high school, i wasnt sure how to do most things. i was building pentium 1 100mhz computers, i didnt know much about mounting cpu's and when ever i put a cpu in, i mounted it backwards, so when i turned the computer on.... the lead pin would fry on the cpu. hence smoke rising!!!!! haha, i must have done that to about 5 computers per day , anybody have similiar funny stories ?
  3. my first was a custom built 386 with 16 ram slots (yes 16!) it had 8 megs of ram, and a 200mb hard drive, it also had a 1 mb 16bit! video card. i remeber i installed windows 95 on it, and when ever i loaded the 3d screen saver it would freeze.
  4. what comes from the dust returns to the dust ? awww . its bedtime, night guys!!!! WF kaosdas
  5. get her a really nice slr camera, and some black and white film. for the n00bs slr=35mm. go with canon or nikon
  6. what can i say... cable managment, cable managment, cable managment!
  7. gee.... thanks for all the help guys so no ebay and sell it for atleast 1000 ?
  8. nah,invest in a macinstosh.... oh shunned!!!!!! (i am officially ready to get flammed)
  9. hey im selling my computer, what do you guys think i should sell it for ? these are the specs, everything included. [email protected]+ with a volcano 12+ heatsink 2x512 mb of pc3200 ram 80gig hard drive 8mb cache 9600xt turbo hsi video card. soundblaster 5.1 live sound card gigabyte ga 7n400-l scorpio 868 with 5 uv vantec blue fans logitech internet usb keyboard. microsoft intelli mouse specail edition 17" monitor 4.1 logitech speakers. 52x lite-on cd burner. gravis gamepad pro. windows xp home edition (non pirated) im moving out of the country!!! everything as a complete package, how much should i ask for keep in mind for cdn prices. as i live in canada
  10. no, actually im just brushing up my basic's. seriously i have forgotten everything, and i have to take a skill aptitude test for my working visa. holy sh#t!!!!! I HAVE MY SECOUND STAR!!!!!!!!!!!! WWOOOTOTOTOTOOTOTOTOTO
  11. i meant if i was going to find out how much % 1475 is of the number 4100. dahm, i didnt do a good job of restating that.
  12. if i was going to find a precentage on something how would i do it ? for example eg" how would i find out how much of a precentage 1475 is of 4100 ?" explain the formula a little also. please.
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