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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34194122/ns/us...ime_and_courts/ Same from the first page
  2. Well, it kinda sucks when the way you move around the screen is by moving your pointer that way. Ie, i cant move right in game without using the arrow buttons which screws my macro'ing abliity lol
  3. Well, hes dead. Was waiting for the resisting arrest part, but it never came.
  4. OK, so i dont know when it happened, but it was within the past week or so. Basically, i run dual 22in monitors. I, like most people like to game on one, and do other things on the other. Now bare with me, this isnt the easiest thing to explain, so ill try my best. For some reason, whenever i play a game(wciii, codmw2) It seems as if the whole resolution shifts the the right when i start the game. What does this mean? Well, the icons ect on my second monitor, and the background, shift about 3 inches to the right. Now, this wouldnt be an issue, except that on my main monitor, when i am in game, the game screen(just the mouse)extends on to the second monitor. This means that if i move my mouse off the right side of the screen it goes onto my 2nd desktop, but not the whole way, i am limited to the same 3 inches or so. This becomes an issue because if i accidentally click there, my game minimizes. It is a really strange issue. If i move my mouse to the top right, i dont go off the screen, but about 3 inches down, its like the "wall" isnt there and it spills onto the second monitor. I have messed with all the resolution settings ect(since war3 is an old game, the resolution only goes up so far) and i cant get my mouse to stay in the game window. I'm not playing in windowed mode either. I have tried making the game resolution the same as the desktop, and the same thing. The only way i can get it to work is if i disable the second monitor in the personalization thing(vista64) Unfortunately, im not familiar with vista too much, so i dont know if i am missing something. At this point i will try anything I looked around on google, and this is all i could find This leads me to beleive that maybe, when i bought codmw2, it installed dx11? I am pretty sure i only had dx10 on this machine, unless an auto update snagged it.
  5. You sure about that? Memory Number of Memory Slots 4
  6. well i just submitted the rma for the processor and the mobo. hopefully that will fix it. i have seen feedback at new egg where people had the same issue, so hopefully its just the board. I dont want to send it all back, for one, because im not sure i have all the packaging. i had to dig through my trash to get the cpu box and plastic thing(lesson learned). BTW, does anyone know how the processor goes back into the box? i have the retail version with HSF. i just cant figure out how it went in there. I did notice the overclocking switches, i didnt mess with them, but they were as you stated.
  7. Ok, i finally had a chance to sit down and try to figure this out. 1. Took the mobo out of the case and tried with just cpu, gpu, and ram. >nothing 2. Hooked up a different PSU> nothing 3. all of the above, resetting cmos> nothing 4. took the battery out of the mobo for about 30 mins > nothing 5. reseat processor and all of above> nothing Im still getting stuck on cpu init according to that little lcd screen thingy So now my question is, what should i send back? Should i send it to newegg, or the manufacturer?
  8. im not sure if you have this at your school, but when i was in school, i applied for a radio show with my buddy on the campus radio station. It was so much fun.
  9. Im a wow addict too... thats the best i could come up with lmao
  10. Studying? go to the gym? Read books?
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