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  1. and this is how she turned out. think next build will go sheet metal or aluminum but that's for next year only thing left for this build is to replace my 6yr old 24" monitor
  2. Yes it is. Cheers guys next build will be a massive upgrade of parts plus maybe a new desk designe
  3. Not wrong but it makes prepping for painting far eassier next build will be either pine or aluminum/sheet metal
  4. So far all i have managed is to make sue it all runs the lady friend has spent about 8hrs browsing tumblr and facebook but for a while i didnt think it would come together as well as it has
  5. And finally finished it photos arent great will take some nice ones after finish cleaning up
  6. 2nd last update Desk is painted finally and have started fitting parts both radiators, fans and the stand offs for the motherboards will hopefully have it up and running by next weekend but for now its back to work.
  7. Cheers man its a good little project so long as you have the spare time, funds and tools, and not let work get in the way while it sits casually in the garage for months.. anywho finally got a chance to get back into said garage and get some more work done as we speak the first coat of paint is on and drying and will recoat in a few hours hoping to get the last of the painting done before i go back to work and than all thats left will be asembly hopefully have it up and finished in the next week or 2
  8. Little update will be running 2 pumps for the loop as aposed to the single pump from previous build and along with my 6 original scythe ultra kaze Fans for the radiators i will have an aditional 3 scythe slip stream fans on the other side over the home server and 4 Scythe Slip Stream Slim along the back so hopefully i wont have the same problems with ventilation as i encountered with previous build will also have a NZXT Sentry mix 2 6ch fan controller for the 6 ultra kaze fans hoping to iliminate a power issue i encountered with my BitFenix HYDRA-Pro 5ch unit. Monday i will be getting to the base of the desk and cutting the holes for cables and hopefully if i have time i will cut and mount the back devider for the cable management, along with pulling the old desk apart to clean the watercooling parts and get it ready to mount into the new desk. fingers crossed the build will be complete mid march. will update with a lot more progress and some photos soon.
  9. that was something i was a little worried about myself but since i have put it together it has been really solid only concern is the front drooping down but as it stands now its more solid than my previous 26mm composite desk so heres hoping it will stand up to the task
  10. oh lawd what have i done i would never have noticed that little mistake cheers You and me both i regret choosing MDF but too late now
  11. Hi all back for the new year with a new build, firstly after my previous attempt of a desk build I found that it took me months to build and mad far too many mistakes such as ventilation, no base, to square, poor build quality just to name a few. So this year I've decided to make a follow up project to get it all right and this time I've Been far more motivated. Hope you like the build. I will be recycling the computers from the previous build although adding more water cooling parts and possibly a 2nd GPU and fans lots of fans. Quick Sketch up of the plan Not sure if I will need 3 monitors might settle for 2 and we come to the build and the finally the fan holes for that much needed ventilation
  12. Hey all, new year time for a new project. "Project Awakening" Will be another desk build basically an attempt to correct the mistakes from this build (Ventilation, Materials, Add more Pumps and so on) I will begin a new Thread with the log once i begin building until than i leave you with 2 designs that will be used once i finish tweaking and decide on size FIrst One 1600x600mm and the 2nd 1600x800mm
  13. Sponsored By Finally got the camera out of the desk to take some photos of everything under the glass. on another note ventilation is not great going to have to address this with more fans around the desk also the reason why the Server water cooler is sitting outside the desk anyway here are final photos also with the last Light for the Water Reservoir I'd like to thank EKwaterblocks for there support during this project
  14. Sponsored By Last post for the Build finally got round to finishing it off last weekend and the glass has arived. SSD for the Server and of course a small GPU to get video out Quick install of Win7 and than a bit of a tidy up
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