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  1. Hmmmm..I'm almost done building my rig, will check the temps and see how it goes. Thanks wevsspot
  2. Hi All, So I have my GPU's installed in slots 1 and 3 in my Rampage V mobo, I installed my soundcard on slot 4, I just wanted to make sure, will doing that block airflow from the card in slot 3? I can't install it between the GPU's as I have a 240gb Mushkin Scorpion PCI-E SSD installed between them. Thank
  3. I have decided to go for a closed loop instead custom, will be getting a corsair H110 cooler and a 900D case
  4. Thanks for the detailed info Stonerboy 779, I think i'm gonna try onboard sound this time, I'm sure it's gotten much better with these new boards.
  5. Hi all, So I've decided that i'll go with an Asus Rampage V Extreme mobo for my X99 build, will the onboard sound in it be enough for my 5.1 surround system? or should I get a dedicated sound card? and if so which one do you recommend? I currently have a soundblaster x-fi fatality champion card in my current X58 build connected to Logitech Z550 speakers.
  6. If I'm to go for a custom loop liquid cooling for my X99 build what do you guys advise I should go for? It's my first time liquid cooling btw, be it closed or custom looped. I might go for the Corsair 750D case...good choice?
  7. Yep you're right...I just wanted to make sure if it's worth it getting a 1TB SSD drive for gaming.
  8. Alrighty...i'm gonna double check the prices then decide. I'm also getting a Samsung 850 pro 1TB for my gaming drive. You don't need anything crazy for a gaming drive. The benefit of SSD's for game loading is the access time. All the big things like IOPS and Sequential Read/Write doesn't do anything to speed up game load times. So, it's not worth it?? Hmmm...a 2TB WD Caviar Black is good enough for gaming?
  9. Alrighty...i'm gonna double check the prices then decide. I'm also getting a Samsung 850 pro 1TB for my gaming drive.
  10. Hi all, If i'm to choose an SSD for my OS drive and had to choose between the Samung 840 Pro Evo 256GB or an Intel 730 series SSD? Which one is better??
  11. Cool let me know when it's ready...thanks
  12. @El_Capitan Thanks for your input. I guess i'll stick with the PSU then since I never had any power problems with it. As for the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate, i'll take a look at it and read some reviews and see the fan options. Any more input is more than welcome...cheers
  13. Hi all, So finally after 5 years of waiting from my current X58 build i'm having a major upgrade and i'm pretty excited !!!! I would like to have advice on which closed loop liquid cooling option I should go for, bear in mind that I prefer to have my case quiet, so some quiet fan options and whatever would be nice. I'm also still not sure about the Rampage V Extreme as I might change it for the Asus X99 Deluxe, keep in mind that i'll be using a dedicated sound card and 2x GTX 980's in SLI. The case is also subject to change. My budget is from $5000 to $5500 Chasis: Corsair 750D (moving from current HAF-X) Motherboard: Asus Rampage V Extreme CPU:Intel Haswell-E 5930k Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 2666hz C15 Memory Kit Graphics Card: 2x EVGA GTX 980
  14. LOL No worries buddy...it's all good Thanks for the advice..i'll do as suggested and report back.
  15. So, what about my Bios template..is there anything that I should change..something that doesn't look right? I wanna try to push it to 4.0Ghz...any suggestions?
  16. Yes that's what I'm planning to do..I'll get a better cooler
  17. MotherBoard ( EVGA X58 4-Way Classified E-762 ) Bios ( 74 ) CPU ( 965EE ) CPU Cooler ( True 120 ) Memory (Mushkin XP3 7 8 7 20 ) PSU ( Corsair AX1200 ) GPU ( GTX580x2 ) Drivers ( 270.61 ) Operating System ( Windows 7 64 Ultimate ) Frequency Control CPU Clock Ratio (29x) CPU Host Frequency (Mhz) ( 133 ) MCH Strap ( 1600mhz ) CPU Uncore Frequency (3200 mhz { 24x} ) CPU Clock Skew ( 0 ) Spread Spectrum ( Disabled ) PCIE Frequency (Mhz) ( 100 ) Memory Feature Memory Speed ( Standard ) Memory Control Setting ( Enabled ) Memory Frequency ( 1600Mhz / 2:12 ) Channel Interleave Setting ( 6 Way ) Rank Interleave Setting ( 4 Way ) Memory Low Gap ( 2.5 ) tCL Setting ( 7 ) tRCD Setting ( 8 ) tRP Setting ( 7 ) tRAS Setting ( 20 ) tRFC Setting ( 88 ) Command Rate ( 1t ) Voltage Control EVGA VDroop Control ( With VDroop ) CPU VCore ( 1.41250v ) CPU VTT Voltage ( +150mv ) CPU PLL VCore (1.725v) IOH PLL VCore (1.500v) DIMM Voltage (1.650v) DIMM DQ Vref (+0mv) QPI PLL VCore (1.100v) IOH VCore (Auto) IOH/ICH I/O Voltage ( Auto ) ICH VCore ( 1.050v ) BR04 ( NF200) Voltage ( Auto ) VTT PWM Frequency ( 250 KHZ ) CPU PWM Frequency ( 800 KHZ ) CPU Impedance ( Less ) QPI Signal Compensation ( Less ) CPU Feature Intel SpeedStep ( Disabled ) Turbo Mode Function ( Enabled ) CxE Function ( Disabled ) Execute Disable Bit ( Disabled ) Virtualization Technology ( Disabled ) Intel HT Technology ( Enabled ) Active Processor Cores ( All ) QPI Control Settings ( Enabled ) QPI Link Fast Mode ( Enabled ) QPI Frequency Selection ( 6.800 GT/s ) OC Recovery ( Disabled ) Turbo Performance ( Enabled ) PnP/PCI PCI Express Maximum Payload Size ( 4096 ) Power Management Setup ACPI Suspend Type ( S1 (POS) ) HPET Support ( Enabled ) HPET Mode ( 64-bit )
  18. I dont keep my pc on 24/7 either, but the ideology behind the term 24/7 stable is that if you wanted, you could run your computer 24/7 doing anything, everything, and nothing... And it would remain 100% stable. As for your current temps, I honestly wouldn't push your overclock any higher without increasing your cooling, either by new HSF, or if your reseating offers a moderate increase in cooling. Your temps as they are, are acceptable, But any higher eh... Maybe if it was like a brand new CPU id be really concerned but 3 years... Meh worst case is you break it and have to upgrade Lol, and who doesn't love a good upgrade! Well the Megahalems is way behind current gen heatsinks. You'd want to look at the Phanteks or one of the high end closed loop water coolers. In my opinion those will be the only ones worth spending money on to upgrade from a True 120 since it was a beast back in the day and is still on par with all mid-range coolers of today. The giant Phanteks, Antec 920, Corsair H80/H100/H110 come to mind for something that would be a significant upgrade. Anything less and it just doesn't seem worth the money. Oh yeah, just now I thought of doing this. Now I need to get a small dust blower and some thermal paste. Yeah give it a shot! I good cleaning and reseating can make a huge difference in performance. Also i forget, is the True 120 a dual fan cooler, or does it only use a single fan? Or rather if you only have a single fan, would adding a second fan for push/pull be an option? A fan that only costs a few $ could prove to be a pretty significant and cost effective solution to your temp problem. Sure i'll do clean it up when I get the time for it during the weekend. The 120 is a dual fan cooler but i'm using a single fan, I can add another one for push/pull as you mentioned. I just came back from work and prime 95 still rock solid after 14 hours 24 mins no errors whatsoever ! Max temp was on core 1 @ 88C the rest were 85,84,80 Maybe I should reduce my v-core or something...i'll post my Bios template in a bit Thanks again Mercury
  19. Oh yeah, just now I thought of doing this. Now I need to get a small dust blower and some thermal paste.
  20. @MercuryDuon, Thank you very much for your detailed reply. I forgot to mention that i'm on 1.4v. I'm planning to push the overclock to 4 or 4.2Ghz but worried about the temps. Don't worry I won't slam to 1.6v as I know this is too high as you mentioned. I also don't keep my pc on 24/7. I'm thinking to replace the True 120 with a new heatsink fan, maybe Megahalems or Noctua, not sure yet. Any suggestions on which HSF to replace the 120?
  21. Hi, So I have an old i7 965 Extreme processor C0 stepping...it's stock clock is at 3.2Ghz and I overclocked it to 3.8Ghz. I did a prime 95 blend test yesterday for around 5 hours 35 mins, there was no BSOD, no errors or warnings. The Max temp recorded via Real Temp was on core 1 was 82C, the rest of the cores was below that.Ambient room temprature is 23C. I started another prime 95 blend test again today morning for 6 hours there was again no BSOD and no errors, and the test is still on going..I guess it's almost 9 hours now, it'll pass 12 hours when I come back from work. I checked the temps before I left work and max temp was 87C. So, my question is since I got no BSOD and no errors in prime 95....does this mean that my overclock is stable? and are my temps fine considering its running on 100% load all this time and i'm on air cooling. My case is a HAF-X with a True 120 Heatsink fan that is almost 3 years old or more along with the stock HAF-X fans and the motherboard is an EVGA 4-Way classified board (E762). I'll post my bios template when I get back from work along with temps from Real Temp. Sorry for making this long and thanks in advance
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