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  1. i know this may sound silly, but how do u enable 1t on nf4 sli-dr bios 623.
  2. ok i have 2 quick questions. since the amd is a dual core cpu can u run super pi twice at the same times? i tried it and the second one fails right away. to test in prime a x2 i read u run prime for each core. how do u do that? when im runing super pi in the window task manager it only show 50% cpu usage.
  3. yeah thats what i hear. i mean i just played through f.e.a.r and its awesome. maybe i need better cooling to get higher speed. was looking at apex h20 ultra. i have ran rig on air at 275x10 2750 its not stable in prime but doesnt crash in games. but my temp under load are around 51 to 53
  4. well right now i have a amd 4400 x2. i get decent overclocks of it but wanting more. what cpu would u trade a 4400 for? was thinking about getting a amd 4000 n trying to get it up to 2.8 this pc is strictly for games so i dont need multi core or multi tasking. recommend a cpu plus hsf combo appreciated!!!
  5. ok i have had this system up and running for a few weeks with no problem. but i didnt have all 4 power plugs to mobo installed. so i took add the final power plug to mother board i was missing. when i did this i had cleaned up my cables a bit. when system boots up i see verifying dmi pool data .......... back up cmos .. ok! NTLDR is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart i went into bios everything looks ok i saw this before n i thought i had to do with my 2 hd. cause the system hd i had plugged into sata 2 so it was booting to second hd. so i just switched in bios n it worked. now just hangs there. load optimized defaults n made sure system is booting from hd first...
  6. how do u run to instances of prime? also i got my mobo monitor working. at idle im at 39c. under load in prime i go as high as 53c. is this too high or ok. im still using stock hsf.
  7. also whats a good quick test to see if ur stable before you try runinng prime 95 for hours?
  8. ok well im new to oc'ing. i have been messing around. i have read the sticky about oc'ing amd 64. I understand the htt and multi n core speed. well i have my system running at 275x10 3xhtt cpu 1.45v 110% and ram 2.8 v. 1:1 ok ran memstat 1 pass n i was good. did super pi at all settings no problem. finally tried prime95. 1 st time it stopped right away. so i ran it again n it ran for 59 min. not too sure where to go from here. i tried to run mbm5 to get temps but really could get it going. so i want a mobo monitor compatible with nf4 sli-dr. also im running stock hsf. any recommendations on a 939 hsf for my mobo?
  9. ok i got system to boot up. it actually seemed like ram need was in wrong slot. booted up with 1 stick in orange slot near edge of board. i plugged in one 5v/12v to mother board. i dont have that dual wire. i dont have a wire that would plug into the small 5v/12v connector
  10. well just tried to setup my rig with dfi sli-dr. took my time hooked up everything slowly. used one stick ballistix ram in orange slot nearest to cpu. some say orange ram slot nearest to edge of board. powered up go power but no video. videocard in right with powerconnector. vid card fan spinning. let sli/vga jumpers the way they were in 1-2 position. so powered off n opened up again. ok i noticed in the sticky with the install of dfi sli-dr him connecting the 2 5v/12v power connectors. does this wire come with mobo or is it a wire thats run off psu. i have a modular psu n dont have all my wires with me here. could this be my problem? my videocard works cause was using it with mobo b4 dfi mobo install
  11. ok i was using a asus a8n sli premium mobo and decide to switch to dfi lan-party nf4 sli-dr. im using a amd 4400x2 with 2x1gb crucial ballistix. i read im gonna need to flash bios to except x2 cpu. how do i flash bios after build. will pc boot up for a windows install or do i need to flash bios before that? whats the best bios and any other important things i need to know after build. ddr volt? 1 stick ram or 2?
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