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  1. Hahaha yea, I think we've pretty much settled on replacing the motherboard. Going to go with this P45 based Asus board: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131299
  2. Alright guys and gals, did some more tinkering to no avail... Here's what went down: All outside of case (And used BOTH PCIe Slots): - New motherboard, new processor, new memory, old GPU. NO DISPLAY - New motherboard, new processor, old memory, old GPU. NO DISPLAY - New motherboard, new processor, new memory, new GPU. NO DISPLAY - New motherboard, new processor, old memory, new GPU. NO DISPLAY - Old motherboard, new processor, new memory, new GPU. NO DISPLAY - Old motherboard, new processor, old memory, new GPU. NO DISPLAY - Old motherboard, new processor, new memory, old GPU. NO DISPLAY - Old motherboard, new processor, old memory, old GPU. NO DISPLAY - Tried all above configs. alternating with 1 stick of RAM, then both as well. Kind of running out of options here... Short of replacing EVERYTHING I/we cant understand what else it could be. Oh, and when referring to "new GPU" we're referring to my eVGA GeForce 8800GTS G92 (In which I'm using to write this post!). With all the above listed configurations, still nothing was displayed on the screen (Which is confirmed functional).
  3. I think all of the resolutions posted in the last 3-4 replies would be pretty much resolved/ruled out by switching out the motherboard which we did... Would a new 750i still require a BIOS flash? I would think probably not, right?
  4. With a new CPU, Memory, and Motherboard - it seems like i've basically taken those steps already... And no, I havn't flashed the BIOS because a) This is a whole new motherboard, and b) there is no video, so it'd be hard to do it...
  5. I would think the CMOS battery wouldn't cause an issue of this caliber, and no the motherboard does not have onboard video...
  6. No beeps, and yes the processor was swapped out for a new unit... This just seems odd, I feel like we're missing something...
  7. Both monitors/cables function correctly, and both Video Cards function correctly when used in MY motherboard. Havn't tried the second PCIx slot on either of his motherboards, but it seems odd and uncommon to me that both primary PCIx slots (on his orig. board, and the 750i, would be faulty). Also, his RAM, and hard drive work in my machine as well...
  8. Even with that being said, there's no way both those motherboards' top PCI-e slots are bad... And if they are bad, who would want a motherboard with only one good slot?
  9. As far as my understanding goes, unless SLI is being used - the top slot is the one you use... The top slots were used on all three boards... Isn't the bottom slot only a 4x slot anyways?
  10. Do you guys think it's possible that the PCI-e slot on his 680i is bad, and the new 750i he ordered shipped with a bad PCI-e slot?
  11. Humm, I think you misunderstood the post. His graphics card, and mine as well, both run successfully in my machine. In his machine, neither display anything - on either of his motherboards (the 680i and 750i)...
  12. Alright guys and gals, here's the deal. My buddies computer will not display ANYTHING on the screen. Simple solution right? Wrong, the graphics card is completely fine. We pulled the card and threw it in my system (<-- in sig) and it worked just fine. Since then we've tried replacing: the motherboard, the ram, the processor, and even the power supply (after all of them seemed to have tested fine in my machine). Interestingly enough, before we swapped out motherboards we tried my graphics card in his machine and it didn't work, so we figured the socket was gone on the motherboard. New motherboard, same thing (even a newer model motherboard). So we're stumped, we've come to you guys looking for answers. The specs of his machine are as follows: - eVGA nForce 680i LT Motherboard (Replaced with eVGA nForce 750i SLI) - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz Allendale (Small OC to 3.0, replaced with C2D E7300 2.66Ghz Wolfdale) - 2Gb Crucial Ballistix DD2-1066 (Replaced with a matching new set) - eVGA GeForce 8800GT SuperClocked 512Mb - PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W To recap what we've done: Tested his power supply, and graphics card in my machine. Tests came back positive. In his machine, we replaced the graphics card (with mine - didn't work in his machine), the motherboard, and the RAM.
  13. Your user name doesn't have anything to do with a C6 Vette does it? Cause if you can afford a system like this AND a C6 Corvette YOU DA MAN. Hahaha.
  14. Alright, i found a recovery console iso. I loaded EasyDCE and erased the Vista bootloader (said it would revert back to XP bootloader). I then loaded up the ISO and issued the following commands: C:/D: D:/fixboot FIXBOOT cannot find the system drive, or the drive specified is not valid. C:/D: D:/fixmbr This computer appears to have a non-standard or invalid master boot record. FIXMBR may damage your partition tables if you proceed. This could cause all the partitions on the current hard disk to become inaccessible. If you are not having problems accessing your drive, do not continue. Are you sure you want to write a new MBR? As I said earlier, my drive is set up as follows: C: - 50GB Vista SP1 D: - 100GB XP SP3 E: - 150GB Shared Docs.
  15. No, my XP disk doesnt seem to have recovery console on it. I have since erased the Vista mbr, and tried to boot. Says NTLDR is missing. This leads me to believe the XP mbr is corrupt or missing. Technically after removal of the Vista MBR it should revert back to XP (according to EasyBCD) and It did not. I found a vista repair iso online (my vista cd didnt have the "repair your computer" option) burned it, and repaired my mbr. So, how would I go about fixing the Windows XP MBR w/o being able to access Windows XP? By the way, I have my hard drive (320GB WD Caviar) set up as follows: Three Partitions: - C:/ 50GB Vista - D:/ 100GB XP - E:/ 150GB Shared Storage
  16. Yea, I cant seem to get the Vista repair tool to work. I boot to the disk and all I can do is copy files (reinstall vista). And my XP disk doesnt seem to have the recovery console... My SP2 disk did but that has since disappeared. The disk I'm using now is a slipstreamed SP3 disk. Edit: VistaBootPRO was one of the apps i was referring to in my original post. Seems to have not solved the problem.
  17. Alright, well I'm dual booting XP SP3 and Vista SP1. I've been doing so for quite some time, but I reformatted to better allocate HDD space. I forgot which way you had to do the install (Vista, then XP :: XP, then Vista). Anyways, I did XP first and that ended up being the backwards way. Long story short - I can't boot into XP. I've used a couple different apps on Vista to re-write my boot loader and add an XP entry on the D drive to no avail. I also put NTLDR and ntdetect on the root of the D drive, but still no go. Any help in getting this matter solved would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. I'll see if I can get an Ultra120 for my birthday (May). I got other things to spend money on right now (like a busted up truck) haha. What's the best fan to get w/ it?
  19. The E4600 sink is fully aluminum, the Q6600 sink has copper on it as well as the aluminium. It seemed to me that the E4600 cooler worked better tho - wierd huh? I'm fairly confident that the Q6600 cooler is on all the way, all 4 clips seemed to be clipped in - they all looked the same underneath...
  20. Alright well after some trials last night, and this morning - the CPU seems to be overheating easily again... I set everything back to 2.4 and here is my current idle: Core 0 - 51 Core 1 - 48 Core 2 - 50 Core 3 - 48 Still excells past 70 under load, 75+ @ anything other than 2.4.
  21. Alright well, still looking a Little warm... After 8 rounds of Prime95: Core 0 - 74 Core 1 - 71 Core 2 - 73 Core 3 - 70
  22. So i cleaned, repasted, and reseated everything AGAIN, and it seems maybe my hs/fan were not in good the last two times... Here is an idle screenshot: Im going to run Prime95 - I'll post updates momentarily...
  23. Sure as hell seems to be... I checked the surface of both the sink and chip just now and they both seem mighty flat... Also, i have the fan setting in the BIOS to manual 100% so thats not an issue... Edit: W/ the e4600 heatsink, the Q6600 sits at 65c full load w/ Prime95.
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