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  1. How do I get my Volcano 12 to work with my Aerogate II?? I can't seem to able to control its fan speed, it would always run on its maximum speed! Hoew do I work out the wiring on there 2 things to make them work together? it is true that the Aerogate II can adjust fan speed manually right??? Please help! Thc. -Arie Adjie
  2. A++

    Aerogate Ii And Fan Setup

    Also the volcano 12 please?? Thx.
  3. A++

    Vantec Tornado 80mm ? Can I .....

    I have the same prob with my aerogate II & volcano12 fan. How do i connect the v12 fan to the aerogateII so i can control the v12 speed from the aerogate & not just seeing its rpm on the aerogateII? Thx.