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  1. German. I was stationed there for 2 years, plus I took it in high school, and college
  2. I just need a vin checked and really dont want to pay the $20 for 1 friggin report. I want to see if the vehicle I just bought has been in an accident, dealer did not disclose anything to me but there are some areas that make me wonder..... Message me if you do.
  3. 120 mph in my 04 grand am, then the computers kick in and shut'r down Took that thing all the way down to Florida from Indiana, nice SmOoth ride going about 90 - 100 the whole way
  4. I have posted this before, but I use the stock HSF on my prescott and it has worked the best for me. 31c idle and 39c under load. Thats with as5 and 3 intake fans and 2 exhaust.
  5. I would call them. Dsl is a dedicated connection to your ISP, unlike cable which is a shared connection with people on the same node.
  6. Try changing the key. Sometimes my router is stingy and even tho I tell it to use the 2nd key, it uses the first one. So try messing aroung with your wep.
  7. I wouldnt. Just think how much $$ she has invested and spent on you. All those little things she has done for you over the years
  8. Sticker was $22k originally. They only wanted to knock off $2,500 max for it being a demo.
  9. 95 Blazer. It was a good truck, exellent shape, low miles. I will miss my 4wd
  10. For years I would buy used cars, only 2 or 3 years old. Yesterday I went out and bought a 2004 Grand am, sticker was $22,000. It was a demo car with only 2,000 miles on it and I told the guy, I will trade my truck in and I want this for $15k out the door. After some hard bickering with the guy I got what I wanted. Only thing I noticed is that the wheels need to be balanced as there is a vibration in the steering wheel after about 65+mph. Great car so far.
  11. I would disable the proxy setting as you do not need it.
  12. Tell him to try plugging in a computer directly from the modem and see if he has a connection. If not, call verizon!
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