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  1. Restart your computer, when I first ran it after installation my graphics card did not realize I was playing a game and did not kick up the speed, so my fps really struggled. Restarted my pc and now I'm getting anywhere from 60 at the lowest to 299 max.
  2. virus

    Duke Nukem Forever

    I guess im just wondering if they kept the graphics up to date. If not its gonna look really bad compared to most games now.
  3. Here in colorado, we have a state ban on smoking in public. however I see alot of designated smoking areas outside, they just have to be 15 feet away from the front door. Also banned in the casinos. I dont care if other people smoke, if you want to do it fine. but it just pisses me off thinking that I could die a slow death because of YOU. someone i might of never of met, hell if you hit me with a car, at least I know who you are and or its a quick death. Also the topic of smoking at home, your home your free to do what you want. but I hope to god you dont smoke around your kids... I know lots of people who do, how can you not even think of your kids. :angry2:
  4. The current 80GB Ps3 has Emulation backwards compatibility. the 40GB has Nothing. You can even go to the playstation website and search for any game and see if it is supported in the software emulation.
  5. Ive never had a problem with reception, (i live in colorado right up against the mountains) only place i've lost connection was way up on the mountain inside a casino lol, outside the casino was fine. only place ive traveled to with it is new mexico, which was fine there too.
  6. you can post something like that on occ? lol
  7. All i care about for my ps3 is GT5, GTAIV, Socom, and Resident Evil 5. I bought my ps3 for those only lol, if something else comes out that looks good i might check it out, but im not a huge console player, cept when it comes to those games. and having a blue ray, now i just need the 1080p tv lol. for games that are currently out, i do like motorstorm. i find it ammusing to drive around using the sixaxxis lol. oh and if i wasnt trying to keep the electricity bill down, id use it for folding, and damn does it fold fast.
  8. i have the same router and ive been experiencing weird slow downs too, for a weekend i took my router out of the loop and just went straight to the modem and the problems went away. i use skype alot, and it doesnt affect that, but webpages slow down. i updated my firmware on the router and it seems better, but still not perfect. soon im just gonna buy a new one. but you could be having the same problems maybe
  9. virus

    Portal fps

    yea i get the same thing, my fps really drops when im looking at the portals. its kinda annoying lol
  10. yep stop talking to her, keep yourself busy, and dont think about her. (the major thing is dont talk to her, take her number out of your phone so you wont see it on a daily base, take her off your msn, yahoo, aim whatever, so you dont see it and constantly remind yourself of her. hide anything that you want to keep but dont want to look at, because it will remind you of her. this is what i did, or i never would of got over her. it works trust me. and nine months where you have only fought and talked, chances of you guys getting back together, and staying together in a happy relationship doesnt sound that good.
  11. I was going to say if it doesnt need a huge heatsink, why put one in and increase the weight and cost? Sounds interesting though, ill check back later to see the progress B:) Gives me the idea of just disecting my almost dead ps2's lol
  12. if someone was using up a crap load of your companys bandwidth that you have to supply to everyone who pays your company for it, by downloading illegal files. would you just do nothing? lol It sucks they are limiting small and legal files though. and I dont really like comcast I think they rip you off, but Its the only thing here. I wish somebody would give them some damn competition.
  13. yea i've heard of satelite internet. ive heard it doesnt work for everything though, its almost like limited internet. and those speeds are horrible I would never survive with 512 download lol. i pay 60 bucks a month for cable internet and i get 6k/700. I dont think you could game lag free with 512 speeds.
  14. its been said that race cars will have damage, just not the street cars. and its not GT fault, its the car companys that dont want people playing the game crashing the cars.
  15. I read the entire 103 pages way back when it started everyday i checked it to look at updates lol. it is truely amazing. it took him a longgg time though, it started in 05, and he finished just about a half a year ago. I was so sad when it ended and he finished it lol. cause i knew there wouldent be anymore updates.
  16. havent really looked into bioshock, but from what i hear its an incredibly graphic intensive game. it might be buggy, or it might just be crashing on peoples system that arent enough for the game? i know i've had games before where the crashing went away with upgrading lol. im not even gonna try to run bioshock on my old pc o.o
  17. well he started with dos,, so he probably did all the versions of windows, like 1,2,3, 95,98,me,2000 etc.
  18. never seen that before lol. that was good
  19. ehh I've always gotten the best results from the memory, oc'ing the core just doesnt do much at all, or at least it hasnt for me.
  20. yes i agree FWD is the worst for traction, but your forgetting that there are AWD 4cylinders too and i've seen FWD in 10's. I dont see why people cant be different? if someone wants to run 10's in a 4cyl or a 6,8,10,12, 16? cyl lol. who cares let them. and as far as being stupid on the streets its completely balanced with domestic owners and import. i see just as many domestic owners being stupid as i do import. anyone who thinks all domestic owners/ all import owners are goody goody, is just ignorant lol.
  21. ehh, sure this generation is all about rice, but there are still a good amount of serious tuners out there. sadly though they get no respect becuase of the ricers, at least in 4 cylinders. i like everything, i like big muscle cars (my dream car is a dodge viper) but right now i also like imports, I dont hate either one. if you read forums you can find 700+ hp 4 cylinders being driven everyday and that is most deffinetely not rice lol. but its becuase of the ricers that everyone hates on 4cylinders, likewise though import owners usually hate domestic owners becuase the thought is that they have a big engine so they can beat anything. Again i pretty much like everything big and small lol. and I blame the japanese for the rice lol.
  22. Naruto <3 i freakin love Naruto. lol. idk why but i dont really like to many other animes, just something about naruto.
  23. idk, everytime i've applied it ive noticed no temp drop. it just stays the same lol. doesnt get hotter doesnt get colder.
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