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  1. This is mostly aimed at Nuclear or anyone else that has experience modding vcard bios'. I need a way to disable VGA on my 5900se. I'm using a Matrox Mystique as a secondary card for Softice and would like to use it in altscr vga mode. But to do that I need VGA disabled on my 5900. If this can be done that would be great. JSable
  2. I'm surprised you could even get the ram that high. Best I could do was 740 on the ram and 480 on the core. Same make and model as yours.. PNY 5900se JSable
  3. Here's the registry edit to enable 48bit LBA Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Parameters] "EnableBigLba"=dword:00000001 JSable
  4. I saw mention somehwhere (sorry, can't remember where). That the AGP GeForce 6800's were already being released in Japan. JSable
  5. I've always loved this pic and post it whenever debates start getting heated on whatever chat channel I happen to be on.... JSable
  6. Here's my 3 cats... Psycho Toker and Simba Jsable
  7. Anyone know how to get VC++ .Net to output a .DBG file? or how to convert a .PDB into a .DBG or .SYM? I'm trying to debug it with Softice but I can't seem to get the symbol loader to accept the .PDB and I can't find anywhere in the online help or even MSDN where to get the studio to output a .DBG instead of a .PDB. JSable
  8. Couple possibilities here.. Check the Bios settings for what's setup to boot before what. You might have the sequence set to something like Floppy, CD-Rom, HDD1, HDD0...or whatever. Just make sure the HDD0 is set to be the first to be booted from. Another possibility but I pretty much doubt this.. Get a hold of NTFS Pro or some sort of NTFS floppy boot disk so you can access the NTFS drive. (one reason I never make my boot drive ntfs). There should be a hidden/system file on the root called BOOT.INI, check that to see what the line that looks like this.. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect is the UNC of what drive and partition it's booting from. Just make sure it's exactly like above in just the UNC part (ie. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1) ) What that means is boot from the first partition on the first drive in the first IDE bus. Trust me, I know it doesn't look that way but that's basicly what it means. Like I said though, I doubt this is the case and highly suspect your bios settings. One of two other alternatives would be to just stick the Windows CD-Rom back in, boot off it and just reinstall again. With BOTH drives installed how you want it. Or, just install Windows on to the 5400rpm if there's room just to get into windows to better determine what's up. But seriously check your BIOS first. I'm almost willing to bet that's the problem. JSable
  9. OK, first off...before anyone of you start asking yourself...'Why on god's green earth would anyone need a PCI Mono card?'. I want to use it for SoftIce. I recently dug out an old ISA mono card to power a monochrome monitor I had lying around to do some realtime soft-ice debugging... I pull the side off my case, card in hand ready to pop it in.... Umm..where the crap is my ISA slot?.. AGP...PCI..PCI..PCI..PCI...?..oh yea..ACR.... what the heck?!? It never donned on me when I bought my MB that I would need nor did it cross my mind that there wasn't an ISA slot. SO...Does anyone know of a PCI monochrome card? Or if anyone has any experience with using a PCI VGA card along with an AGP card for SoftIce purposes I could use some tips and/or FYI's. JSable
  10. JSable

    Creative Labs

    Just an update one the KX drivers.. They do offer limited EAX support. It's by no means perfect, but mostly usable in games. Only problem I've found so far with them is if I turn a certain way or look up the sound comes from the opposite direction than it should be. Another alternative with (supposedly) full EAX and ASIO plus 7.1 surround is the M-audio Revolution 7.1. M-Audio Revolution 7.1 For only $119 MSP, it looks like a dang good deal for anyone doing music and gaming on the same system. I'm seriously considering making it my next upgrade purchase. JSable
  11. In the old Photoshop (ie. 6 or 7), there was an export filter for gif's that would let you set transparency based on color index or from the transparency of the layer. In CS I myself couldn't find where to set it exactly. Its been a long time since I used photoshop for animated gifs so I may be wrong on this but, I think you could even use that filter to have it save animated gifs from multiple layers. More than likely I'm wrong on that since I had Gif Animator installed already. JSable
  12. Here ya go.. I kinda took the liberty of fixing it for ya In case you wanna know what I did.. I just loaded it into Photoshop, copied and pasted each layer into Ulead Gif Animator. Something I felt should of been unnecessary since it loads in PSD's except it just loads the first layer. Why it doesn't load each layer as a seperate frame I have no idea. Then set the transparency index color to the black background and wholla, a tansparent background walking dragon JSable
  13. by just using the driver OC features I can get my SE up to 470/775 before the tests start failing. If you could set the clock rates about there, say 450/750 with the tight timings and possibly a looser one also that would be cool. I know I'm asking for alot here and dont want this becomming the start of a bunch of personal requests from everyone. I'm just trying to find a 'sweet' spot for us SE owners. Thanks. JSable
  14. Your BIOS went fine Nulcear, it was the MKVtech one that killed the card. The reason I ask for the lower timings is so I could up them in increments. Or would this basicly be the same thing using it's original bios? What I mean to say is, with the 5950 bios am i getting anything else aside from the ram and core speeds? I fully understand it won't work on everyone's cards. I was just trying to find a solution for us with SE cards. From the looks of it, I think the problem with the SE cards is the ram used on the boards can't handle the speeds of the 5950. Or at least the PNY cards can't. JSable
  15. I've redone my connections a bit. Took out the CD burner since it's kinda redundant with the DVD burner and swapped the direct molex going to the DVD burner to the video card and the Y connector from the CD burner to the DVD burner. Here's the updated visio drawing So far no error messages. If I get another error, I'll start checking the molex's with a multimeter. Thanks guys for your comments. JSable
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