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  1. I have so many favorites. Star Wars Harry Potter Brdiget Jone's Diary Lord Of The Rings Gone With The Wind And so many more...
  2. I guess I'll add a pictures of myself. Yes I am a ham.
  3. I think your AV and SIG images would look better with a border.
  4. Thanks! I didn't think I would win, but I'm really glad, because this will help me with some bills. I won! WOOT!
  5. DevilMB3017, If you win everyone will see it anyways.... ClayMeow, I meant I really need the money, heh, not for computer stuff. For bills and food, I'm broke.
  6. I hope I win, I could really use the money.
  7. I live in Texas. I don't play CS. Holla at me if you play FFXI Online! My computer is nothing to brag about....it's decent, and looks cool....thats about it. Anyways, I can be a girly girl and love computers at the same time. I would love to do all kinds of case mods, but I'm poor at the moment. My big thing is the internet, web design, graphic design, and of course games.
  8. I can't even imagine being in a relationship with anyone who doesn't like computers. Haha, I've been on computer since I was 5. Pissed my dad off because once I colored the monitor with crayons. Haha. Anyways I need to take some pictures of my case, I'm such a lazy ..
  9. tempestuous.nu is my personal domain. Thats what I get for trying to be anonymous....haha. adrenalinepcs, you're a nosy one, aren't you.
  10. are you the girl off of tempestuous.nu? dang you found me out!
  11. Hardnrq, Are you being sexist? Sound like it to me. I also don't appreciate being insulted. I do know what overclocking means. Do you guys really wonder why there are not more women posting on this board? I hate close-minded people.
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