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  1. Choosing one among the sea of personal speakers is pretty hard.There are a lot of factors for speakers to please you, the first one being your ears. Take note that your hearing will change after time also, so that go with the best sounding speaker to you. If you are demoing in a large electronics store, I must warn you that the noise around will disturb your demo. Also, don't just rely on specs or price, as a lot of manufacturers are cheating on these numbers. Do you Europeans have something similar to Black Friday before Christmas?
  2. Is looking for the next step with ^^ by having kids.
  3. I agree with Black64 on every point Refurb'd drives are drives that have had problems but then were repaired, then sold without the root failure identified. There is no way to guarantee how long it will survive. Power losses are what got me the most hard drives killed, they will go silently as well. Drive overheating (sandwiched in between two drives, with no airflow) could be another reason. Also, Seagate bought the Maxtor company a while ago, and they kept the same drive with a different name. Maxtor were notorious for hard drive failures. A low-cost power supply could also be a cause, as feeding unstable voltage or sending dirty power to sensitive electronics. The worse the power supply, the higher the peaks will be. The following image is one taken fron an actual power supply. It cannot be measured with a multimetre, but it can still damage electronic components. Since you have posted no specs, we cannot determine the culprit just yet. The other thing would be a possible hit on the case, if it was knocked or fell even from a small height.
  4. Two things: I thought that Cambridge Soundworks and Cambridge audio were related, and that the Soundworks was a more affordable with good quality/price ratio. Not at all. Here is the point: Cambridge audio is a British company, so I thought that it would be available down Europe. Cambridge Soundworks is located in western Canada, so I believe you might not get their products around. Cambridge audio is higher grade stuff, and as a consequence tends to be pricey. Since you are in Germany, you could look at Blaupunkt, but I am not aware of their prices. Teufel has a line of those also. There is also some Creative stuff that could be contenders as well (they have a line of portable speakers). With 250 Euros, you could take a stroll to an home electronique boutique and get good products for your money, and you could probably demo the stuff. Just got to take the "facts" they are providing with a grain of salt.
  5. You also have the Cambridge Soundworks Ooze XL (or another one in the Ooze range) as well ae Logitech z515 and Beats speakers. Note that those can be boomy and don't have defined Hi-frequencies. There is also some Sony ones, if you can get a demo of them it would help you to choose or dismiss one or the other. Bose might be tolerable for this application, but I wouldn't recommend it for home speakers, Klipsch or Cambridge Soundworks would be in the higher end. I got JBL pro monitors but they aren't in the same range, neither type or price.
  6. To El Capitan, about FTP services... Take note some ISP are blocking the FTP Protocol (doesn't matter which port, they are looking in the header) so FTP is unusable on home servers. I used to do it a lot in 2004-2007, until I couldn't get nobody to connect. I was then with Cogeco, I haven't tried with Videotron (both are cable ISP). Years ago, it was working fine with Bell, but they have a terrible customer service, they can change your bill as often as they are pleased and whatnot. It was by DSL service. Maybe Wevs has the solution. Also, what about traditional mail and a USB memory stick? Best solution yet for mixed *content* and file size.
  7. I think I did not explain myself clearly, I was not sure when posting... Blue, I did not mean that your smile is scary (take note that at this point, I have not seen a picture of you, other than the small one you had). What I meant is the photoshopped smile was scary because it was not aligned / larger than expected. Yes the cleanup was excellent, using the big (now let's be clear at this point, I mean elder) sister's nose is a good one, and yes the hair / cheeks / eyes are well restored. But what if I said this is what your daughter looked like!? I doubt any of you would would say, ah well, close enough. Even more so that Dling wanted to print and give the result.
  8. Good God, THIS is the reason why I refrained myself posting any result. Waco the girl you took looks around 12 years old. Blue, you are going to give OP nightmares with the smile you put on that girl. There is something off with it is scary. Have you taken it from an early picture of you??? For this exact reason, dling will never trust the forum.
  9. Using Onedrive with your Microsoft account would work well. You can access it by changing the e-mail tab to the Onedrive tab. After that you can upload and select which files to share with whom you want.
  10. Ah, tell me about those nasty worms. Been fighting them along with my brother a couple years ago.
  11. I could get most of the blemishes out of the cheeks of the younger girl, as well as in her hair. Since the picture is pretty matte, the skin tones are close. Her right eye is an easy fix as well, a copy and flip of her left eye (just the corner tho) I was thinking of rebuilding the nose (photo got destroyed there) and whether rebuild the right half of the mouth, as there is that big white spot (shiny teeth? ) that removes most of the mouth. I even thought : Hey, they're sisters, so I believe they got the same mouth, so maybe I could recopy the older girl's smile onto the younger's face. Nope, just nope. It seems to be impossible with another reference picture. I believe that even if you'd pay for having this picture corrected, that whether they would use another girl's smile or ask you for a reference as well.
  12. Here my 20 feet fallen Galaxy Ace 2x battery. The phone was still functionning, but screen was busted. I want to see outside fall picture (for south located people, a palm tree would do as well )
  13. Has an e-mail notification set on this thread, and doesn't want to burden herself with the responsibility of this thread.
  14. Says so because she's a reviewer at OCC. Also wants her thread back!
  15. Went by me again. Is having a Bro thing with an Onion. So beautiful it'll make you cry
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