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  1. Finally a forum that's got people with a bit of sense... You wouldn't believe all the crap I've had posted about this topic, most people don't seem to know how the Expert is laid out let alone how the maze4 is fitted! Thanks for your time chaps!
  2. Hi guys, I'm wanting to get the DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR EXPERT mobo and want to watercool my 7800gtx with a maze4.. does anyone know if the ram slots on the expert get in the way of the rods and thumbscrews that are used to fix the maze4 to the gpu? Thanks in advance!
  3. Roger that, TDX it is then! Rest of the parts seem ok? [edit] One of my mates says he had the Tygon tubing and all his tubes went brown... is this common or is there something he's done wrong?
  4. Hi guys, I've recently become the proud owner of a black U2-UFO 120.3 case and I'm looking into building my own W/C setup, so far I've narrowed it down to.. Eheim 1250 Pump ThermoChill HE120.3 Rad DangerDen DUAL Bay Res DD Maze4 GPU Block 1/2" Tygon R3603 Tubing I'm not sure whether to go for the TDX or Maze4 CPU block (S478) so could one of you guys fill me in on which Block would be more suitable with the other components I intend to buy and would there be any problems fitting it to my IC7-MAX3 mobo? Also... I'm wanting 3x 120mm blue LED fans for the Rad and was looking at some coloured YS-Tech's 105CFM... any reasons why I should go for something else or would these fan's do the job fine? Cheers!
  5. There's just one 12" UV cathode to light the case... CPU idles at about 39-42c, not noticed any major temp increases with the cathode in!
  6. She gets a score of 13840 in 3DMark03...
  7. My IC7-MAX3 hasn't given me any problems so far!
  8. I get a Performance rating of 5139
  9. Don't worry about it fella, we're all here to learn afterall! I can run most things stable @ 3.910ghz with temps going about 1-2 degrees higher than they were @ 3.4ghz!! Doesn't seem to like Prime95 though
  10. Ran Prime for 12 hours, same results as mentioned b4. As for temps... I thought the MAX3 had problems reporting the correct temps??
  11. Right, I upped the fsb to 225 and the voltage to 1.600v Runs 3dmark 2001 fine, ran Prime95 for 49mins, 0 errors, max cpu temp = 52c (bare in mind it was 50c b4 the overclock) You guys think I will be safe running this baby @ 3.834ghz now??
  12. OK I'd just like to thank you guys, you've been brill!! I've been posting on other forums and they just kept giving me Bull*** about P4's being locked without actually giving me an answer as to how they managed to OC there own cpu! I changed the AGP ratio to "fixed", upped the fsb to 220 and I booted up first time no probs, now I have a CPU clocked at 3743mhz . I'll let you now if I run into any temperature worries but so far so good.
  13. There's a setting... Fixed PCI/AGP Frequency 66/33 But I cant find a way to change it, I've tried changing other settings to "user defined" but no luck!
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