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  1. Awesome thanks guys! Been needing to redo my cooling setup for awhile.
  2. Processor- Intel i7 930 Motherboard- Asus Maximus III Formula Cooler- Corsair H70 Ram- 6GB G.Skill 1600mhz GPU- Asus GTX460 1gb HDD1- Corsair F60 HDD2- Seagate 1TB Powersupply- Corsair 750TX External HDD- FreeAgentExtreme 1TB Case- Coolermaster Cosmos 1100 Monitor- Samsung SyncMaster P2370 Country- USA
  3. Mine does! Just no telling where I'll end up
  4. Nikon. I love Nikon, it all started with the D80. Once you start getting the accessories (lenses etc.) it becomes difficult to switch to anything else.
  5. My favorite Corsair product is Corsair twinx1024-3200XLpro. This was in my first build, looked awesome and overclocked great. Still have the sticks somewhere and they still work. I wish I had an old machine I could put them in lol.
  6. I do the same, I have yet to damage anything. I set it to about 60psi for the heatsink.
  7. Ive been using Corsair F60 for a couple months now and its been an awesome OS drive. Its currently within your budget, worth a look imo.
  8. I have a Asus UL50VT, I love it. I have yet to have any issues. I would be hesitant to buy a recertified laptop though. If you decide to get the UL80J-BBK5 you will have the 1 year accidental damage coverage.
  9. Good find! I will definitely be using this in the future.
  10. XFX Pro750 Watt PSU Asus Maximus III Formula Intel i7 930 w/ Corsair H70 6GB G.Skill 1600mhz Asus GTX460 1gb Corsair F60 Seagate 1TB
  11. I haven't been watching the shows unfortunately, but Ive been reading about each show the day after they aired. IBM has done a surprisingly good job with Watson.
  12. Yeah CPU Level up is on Auto (However the option isnt changeable (its all grayed out) with these current settings. Now I know whats most likely causing the issue I can try to adjust some settings and see if I can disable it. I'm pretty worried because its been like this for 2 months lol so it needs to change asap. This will be my first move, it has 2 different bois so I will switch to the other bois and see if it changes (as well as a reset) . The only thing I've changed in the bios is selected the X.M.P profile so I assumed everything was stock . I know better, I've just have been extremely busy since the build. Thank you both.
  13. Hey guys, I have a little issue (or I’m not understanding something lol). Today I was checking out my bios settings and came across something kind of strange, I have my ram voltage set to 1.5 but the bios is reading it as 1.9v Here’s the specs: Motherboard: Asus Rampage III Formula Cpu: i7 930 Ram: G.Skill (F3-12800CL7T-6GBPI) PS: Corsair 750 watt (750TX) Now I will admit I’m not too familiar with the i7 settings quite yet, but any input would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  14. Spl_181

    New build.

    Thanks for the input IVIYTH0S. I went ahead and changed some components. The CPU cooler looks promising, is there any specific fan you would recommend? I was going to buy a few of these to replace existing fans in my case, think it will be ok for the CPU cooler? They are a little expensive but if they last and are as quiet as people say it just might be worth it. Anyway thanks again!
  15. Spl_181

    New build.

    Well its time to build a new machine, here is what I was looking at. its been a while since my last build and I really haven't kept up on things so please let me know if anything is too much or not enough. I already have the case (Cooler Master Cosmos), HDD's and Dvd burner. Here is the list: Asus Rampage Exreme III Gene LGA 1366 Palit GTX 460 1Gb G.Skill Pi series 6gb Intel i7-930 Corsair 750TX Prolimatech Megahalems A side note, this machine will primarily be used for gaming, I would like the ability to OC but its not my main focus at this point. Thanks for any help/input
  16. You might end up like these useless people.
  17. I saw this on CNN the other day. Think he is going to get in any trouble for doing that?
  18. Finding a flat panel that size for around that price is going to be hard. As far as the response time, Yes a 10ms response time with that large of a screen can have noticeable effects (Flickering and motion blur etc.). Just to give you an idea of what other manufacturers are doing Samsung, Sharp and Sony's have a 4ms response time. Does the TV have to be 55+ (will 52" be large enough?) If so have you thought about a DLP?
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