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  1. QuickSilver_

    Lotr-battle For Middle Earth

    Thanks Bionic but I found the problem, some had the windows firewall switched on.
  2. QuickSilver_

    Lotr-battle For Middle Earth

    I just got this game and can't get this game to work in network multiplayer. The join button specificly. I can start a game but not join it with the other computer. My age of mythology works across my network. Anybody have some suggestions?
  3. QuickSilver_

    Donation! To Help Teamocc Only!

    Sounds like it 's right up Taz alley. Like a retro folding reinforcements for his retro folding army.
  4. QuickSilver_

    A New Record?

    I have never seen someone break into the top 100 while still being listed on the "joined in the last 7 days" list. WOW Should make it in next few days. Glad to have ya flag
  5. QuickSilver_

    I've Ideas

    starting August 14 its speed week out here in Utah at the salt flats. Last year there was a Semi truck that had 2 modified tug boat motors that did around 280 mph. My friend is going out with his bored and stroked ZX-12 with nitrous and trying to get into the record books. Trying to beat 223 I think.
  6. QuickSilver_

    Good Mouse?

    I also use and like the mx700. I use it on a simulated granite desk top and it works great for me. Cost me $74 @ newegg.
  7. QuickSilver_

    Specific Ducting Question

    3" and 4" flexible aluminum duct used for dryers is the only thing that comes to mind.
  8. QuickSilver_

    It's A Tough Fight In The Standings

    Where have all the good Gromacs gone I haven't seen any doubles for a long while.....maybe when fall semester comes around they'll return.
  9. QuickSilver_

    Updates Of My Pc!

    What's the black in front of the power supply and where the drive bays are? It looks like it helps direct air, What is it made out of?
  10. QuickSilver_

    I'm Coming After You

    I am managing to stay in top 20 list most of the time, with just 2 P4's.
  11. QuickSilver_

    29 Again!

    Happy B-Day Nemo Congrats OCC for get back to 29th
  12. QuickSilver_

    Guess Who Is In The Orange?

    It looks like bosco's got some compitition Your really cranking them out now.
  13. QuickSilver_

    New Heatsink

    I tried a 92mm tornado but just couldn't take the noise, still looking for a good but quiet fan. I have a 90mm thermaltake: 56CFM @2850RPM 35dBa for now. Are you guys lapping your SP-94's? I have a similar setup as ccokeman but I only got about 7c drop
  14. QuickSilver_

    I Love The Smell Of Tinkers In The Morning!

    I have been bogged down by p212's. Has anyone had luck folding these faster than 20 min a frame when folding x2 ? I get 24 - 30 min on these, which is 2.6 points per hour. This might be the slowest protein to fold, for me at least.
  15. QuickSilver_

    I Love The Smell Of Tinkers In The Morning!

    Wow looks like you have found second gear or third....fourth your extra machine making quite a difference?