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  1. I just recently put a new PC together. When I bought it I had every plan to overclock it, but Ive never tried it before. Now that I have put it together and it works I would like to know where I should start with Overclocking. Noob to Overclocking be nice. Thanks guys.
  2. I think the Sigature is working now.
  3. Thank you very much. This helps out alot.
  4. Need help on where to start and also have a ton of OC questions. Just want too make sure the rig is good to go first. Thanks again.
  5. I recently built a new PC. Got rid of my 12-core MacPro and used the money for that overpriced rig to fund my new PC. I will list as much info as I can. Let me know if I will have compatabilty problems with these components. Also are there any sugegtions on things I should check on the MB and drivers? Thank you. ASUS P9X79 DELUXE Intel Core i7-3930K 3.2 1 LGA 2011 Processor 32 gig ram PNY XLR8 Enthusiast Edition GeForce GTX 680 x 2 SLI Thermalake Toughpower Grand 1200W K
  6. New member here. I recently built a new rig. I have many questions. First how do i list my PC SPecs on my Sig? Couldn't figure it out. Anyway, hello hope everyone is nice in here. Kind of.
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