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  1. Well, the mouse bindings work with games after you flash the firmware and install the latest drivers. I followed these directions from the Razer site. I did not need a second mouse; I used the TAB and arrow keys to navigate the various options. It can be confusing, as it seems there is more than just one thing going on during the process. I flashed the firmware first, then installed the new drivers. The first time you run the driver installer, it will completely erase previous driver versions (if there are any); then you run the installer a second time. Afterwards, I bound the buttons normally used for sensitivity to PGUP & PGDN. My games now recognize these two buttons as PGUP & PGDN without a problem. If the software interface wasn't so bad and the mouse had 2-3 more buttons, it would be pretty nice. Having programmed the buttons as needed and used the mouse a bit more, I want to add a couple of things: On the new Microsoft Habu, the two buttons below the mouse wheel take a bit of force to depress. Combine this with their location, and you find that the mouse jumps a bit when you depress these two buttons -- it can't be helped. So, you wouldn't want to use them often in a game; doing so wrecks your aim and shifts your field-of-view. Oh, and the Habu user interface is horrible, something designed by a marketing suit simply to look cool to 13-year-olds instead of being functional or intuitive. I don't like this mouse. The topmost buttons are wrong, the software interface is poor. Similar buttons on Logitech mice take little force to depress and therefore do not impact gaming negatively. Problem is, the newest Logitech mice restrict how these buttons can be assigned to tasks other than dpi switching, and the drivers Logitech makes these days are atrocious bloatware. The best gaming mouse I've ever seen is the Logitech MX510 with Mouseware drivers. Eight well-placed, well-designed buttons you can reprogram any way you want makes for a good gaming mouse. Everything Logitech has made since has been guided by marketing gimmickry instead of informed design. Razer designs have been Spartan since day one. And Microsoft hasn't made a good mouse since the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0. I found out that Xoxide still sells the Logitech MX510 for $35, half what I paid when I bought mine a couple years back. I've ordered two already, and will likely get a couple more as backup, in case gaming mice design continues on its downward spiral. UPDATE: Got my two MX510's today. It's crazy--I got two for the price I paid for just one a couple years back. They still come with the Mouseware drivers (version 9.80), instead of that SetPoint bloatware, so moving the mouse hits the CPU for 1-2% usage, instead of the 10-15% you get with newer mice. I can program the buttons to do darn near anything I want. And the mouse feels absolutely perfect for right-handers. Logitech made one hell of a mouse with the MX510. It blows my mind the way they have messed things up since then.
  2. There's an application called UberOptions for SetPoint that expands upon what bindings you can use; it also allows profiles for individual applications. Problem is, profiles and key bindings randomly get erased or reset. The SetPoint software, by itself, greatly restricts what you can bind to specific buttons, especially those otherwise used to change sensitivity. I'm wondering if the Habu requires the use of game-specific profiles to change the buttons, instead of defaulting to a single user-defined setup. Darn profiles don't work without new drivers and a firmware upgrade.
  3. Logitech decided the MX518 didn't need to be as user-friendly as the MX510, so I ditched my MX518 for a Habu. I assigned Page Up & Page Down to the two buttons behind the wheel mouse, because I never have bought into that gimicky sensitivity changing thing. While plain Windows apps recognize the new button assignments, none of my games do, including my beloved UT2004 -- absolutely nothing happens when I press them, even if I manually edit PGUP & PGDN bindings in USER.INI. Anyone with a Habu know what has to be done to get games to see button assignments for the two buttons behind the mouse wheel? The MX510 had none of these problems. dang, that was a good mouse.
  4. The power supply is 350 watts; I just didn't want to look for the invoice earlier. I built this rig three years ago, before anyone dreamed video cards would demand 500-600 watt power supplies. Two drives are external and not powered by the PC at all. What is powered by the PC are two optical drives, two hard drives, mobo, video card, and 4 cooling fans. I'm not questioning anyone's judgement. I hope it's just the power supply, because I can replace it tomorrow without leaving town. I'm wondering why it would take four months to finally crap out? That's when I changed the video from an ATI 9700 Pro to the current 7800 GS. (The box itself is three years old). Another wierd thing, it only shuts down while playing San Andreas. I've tried UT2004 and Oblivion, but it runs fine. Just a couple minutes of SA and it shuts off. Maybe SA has more polys and that's creating a bigger load? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tech at a local shop tested the power supply & declared it pretty much fried. Thank you to everyone who pointed toward the PSU. Replaced with a 400 watt supply; hope it will last until I build my next rig.
  5. I hope it's the power supply. Definitely cheaper than a new video card. I just hope I can get a PSU that supports this older AGP mobo. Thanks, guys.
  6. BACKGROUND: I've got a BFG 7800 GS I had overclocked a bit (from 400 to 475 on the core). My motherboard's overclocked a touch, too, and has been for at least a year. Recently, I noticed my C: drive getting loud, as if it was on its last legs. About the same time, while playing GTA: San Andreas, my machine suddenly powered off. I had to pull the power cord out of the back, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in before the PC would restart. Thought it was a fluke. It wasn't. This has happened several times now, always while playing GTA: San Andreas. It has happened with the video card clock speeds returned to defaults. I rip & burn DVDs without incident. Yesterday, 3DMARK2006 failed because of a video error. I've ran it before without any problems. I don't know if it's possible for a failing hard drive to cause a shutdown. Because the shutdowns occur while playing a video game, I'm suspecting my video card. Then again, maybe the power supply is going out? Anyone with an informed opinion, please advise. Thanks.
  7. Is their any online game that doesn't collect your IP address? Beyond that, I shudder to think what else they may be collecting. The CGW review I read said the game was as poorly thought-out as its predecessor, because of its ranking system that puts new players behind the eight ball. Now it includes spyware? EA can kindly shove the Battlefield series up its ., thank you very much.
  8. A new Zalman cooler let me overclock my FSB (with the stock Intel cooler, I couldn't raise it even 2MHz). Now the overclocked CPU is cooler under load than it was at idle and stock speed. Here's my specs & BIOS:
  9. Never had one. How does the fan mount to the top of that hs? Also, I thought the Volcano was a hs & fan combo? Do you tear it apart to put the fan on the SP-94?
  10. I use the entire AMD heat sink & fan to replace the little stock heat sink & fan on my 9700-Pro. Why did you put those tall heat sinks on the top BGA chips but not on the bottom chips? And how is that fan mounted to the side of the card?
  11. I've put a ThermalTake Extreme Giant III on a 9600-Pro and a 9700-Pro. You already have a better cooling solution already on your card, I assure you. The Extreme Giant is better than some of the very cheap stock parts that come with many cards, but there are probably better solutions available. I won't ever buy another one. When you replace your thermal compound, be sure to clean mating surfaces with something stronger than isopropyl alcohol. Pure gum turpentine works well, as does xylene-based cleaners (such as carburator cleaners). Follow that up with 90% isopropyl alcohol, and you're in business.
  12. And now for the overclocking results of this stock machine:
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