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  1. According to the replies on Stanford's web page, They will never move away from CPU folding and here's why. Basicly the CPU is way more flexible of a platform. So sure there is a limited number of problems that a GPU or PS3 can handle much better then a CPU, but there are just things they CAN NOT do, and those will continue to be run on the CPU. In all instances there is a trade off between speed and flexibility, so the ranks are like this Most flexible CPU > PS3 >GPU Most FLOPS GPU > PS3 >CPU so saying one is faster then the other is like saying a machine gun is faster then a ballistic missile, sure you get more shots out but try leveling that town with a hand gun... In all regards the PS3 and GPU additions to folding, are jsut liek more weapons in the arsenal, so more folding can be done because WU's can be sent to the type of chip that processes it the fastest and therefor both chips get more work done this way.
  2. try shortcircuts . com i think they did a side by side for the 500 and 600 seriers. basicly no gain, more zise, more latency...
  3. SATA 3.0 Gb/s also known as SATA 300 MB/s allows for higher "burst" transfers then SATA 150. But nothing for substanable transfers
  4. gordianknot just killed my computer... not really, but it installled new versions of fdshow and others that now i can't play back vidoes, also it can't reconize my audio so crashes evrytime. Do you know if i can install newer versions of the codex? and Gordian knot still work? also what audio does it support? I though these were failry normal audioa, some Vorbis some AAC. EDIT: Can't seams to reinstall my workinf FFDshoww EDIT: ok got that working, but gordianknot still gives me trouble errors and 0 secodn renders. I can get Auto gordianknot to work, but it doens't support using AAC audio codex, any way around this? I can't rip a file that uses AAC. Nor does it support H.264
  5. i dont mind ogm, but if i send fdiles to friends/family i want them to be able to play it. AVI container is just getting old. not subtitles/multiple audio/codex Edit: where do you select what codex to use? What about size/bitrate?
  6. I'm looking for a free program that will alow me to transcode some old video files into H.264 so i can save space, or build CD sized collections? Can sombody point me to a free transcoder? I've tried, moonlight videozilla cyberlink AVSvideo and some more PS preferably support mkv files but not is ok
  7. You said you did ALL the RAID drivers, that inclues the nVideo IDE driver which is nessasary for RAID to work right. Also it could be from some of yoru other drivers, i notice a lot of stutteing on windows untill i get the newest display driver. Are these drives ATA or SATA? if they are ATA they need to be on differnt channels. otherwise you get bottlenecked.
  8. As far as I know Clay, SCSI can satuarate a drive regardless of the channel. Sounds weird. say a channel is Ultra 300 k? it runs at 300 MB/s ( this will depend of course on what controlelr you get) Now say each of yrou drives can stream at 100 MB/s so if you hook both to one channel you are getting 200/300 MB'/s so you're fine, IN old Slave/Master ATA setups you would only get one drive at a time so it would still be 100 MB not 200, not so with SCSI, (I'm 90% sure) BUT IF you get a dual channel controller go ahead and put then on seperate controllers, jsut incase other things What type of server is this going to be? If it's a small file size handler, looking into onboard cache's could give you good performance. But that's not for streamers, or non-high hit ratio setups. Check out storage review to pick out good drives. I thinkthe 15k Atlas V tops the charts. Storagereview.com
  9. The 20 pin connector should be fine Just make sure you connect the 4 pin Molex connector, and the 4 pin floppy connector also, those are Graphics specific power, while the extra 4 pin on the 20 pin connector are used by the entire baord. This thread may help (pictures) http://forums.overclockersclub.com/Dfi_Lan...elp-t61707.html
  10. I say it's the memory controller on the CPU if it isn't a verion E core then the CPU automaticly lowers the memory speed at 2GB size, because it can't address more then 4 banks. ( most 1 GB sticks are dual bank) so that's your problim, and You aren't goign to be able to fix it withouth A) serious OCing, or B) new CPU. Not the fault of your RAM. then again check yoru RAM speed with CPU Z, and Sandra. because i bet if you OC if enough it will get back to DDR 400 speeds
  11. I can get 85 off my RAID-1 and get good seek times about 7ms, so i'm content, unfortuanatly I dont run windows off it, it's all for storage. I think seek times are very important, but i do a lot of file transfer file streaming og 200MB, to a few GB and really would like to have better theroput, so as long as the drive stays defraged, the streaming matters, for Windows and page file the seek time is King, and for .... something... cache size is best... ? http://forums.storagereview.net/index.php?...03entry217603 storage review had a goot talk abotu seek times. can't find a good argument for cache sizes....
  12. No i mean 300 MB/sec which is a SATA speck, oft refered to as SATA 2, however the SATA foundation ment for SATA2 to not jsut be a speed increase but also one of features (NCQ, hot swap, stagered spin up) so they redefines retroactivly sata 2 to mean 300MB/sec transefers and sata 2.5 to inclue all the fetures, but dont worry becuase very few actually use it right, check anantech's areticle titels, "what's in a a name". http://www.anandtech.com/weblog/viewblogpost.aspx?bid=245 So now i'm confused because they name the spec as 3.0 Gb/sec yet the actual transfer is 300 MB/sec it might have somethign to do with how sata uses a 10 bit word, but i'm nto sure. Anyways the MAX bandwioth comign off the new Raptor is 300 MB/s which is only seen on cache hits... but i ahve hopes of over 100MB/s streaming.
  13. A few things 1) web page doens't have many details so not sure if this part is fully sata 2.5 compatable, (NCQ, Stagered spin up, etc. 2) WD's wed page doesn't have the new raptor there yet, so i ca't find out how many platers..
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