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  1. If you followed the procedure correctly...yes. SP2 contains all of the fixes in SP1. I made a CD the same way and have never had any problems
  2. Don't know about that...I doubt I'll ever give up my twin 21" Dell Triniton pair!! LOL!!!
  3. Better? I'll make sure I use "motherboard" in the future..."mobo" for some reason gets on my nerves.
  4. It isn't the RAM that's dual channel, it's the motherboard that will run the memory in dual-channel. You want to make sure your motherboard has dual channel and then put memory in the appropriate slots so that the memory will be run in dual channel. My son's motherboard only has 3 memory slots and doesn't do dual channel. Mine has four slots all filled with 512 meg memory. All of the memory is identical so I am running dual channel because it's my motherboard that supports it. A dual channel kit is nothing more than two sticks of the same memory.
  5. My IQ is 1337!!! Or it might be 42.
  6. No, autorun will automatically start a program when the CD is inserted into the drive. You still need to come up with the program which is what your original question is. Sorry I don't know of any.
  7. Welcome to the U.S.A.!!!! Unfortunately that's the way things have been going here for years. It's too bad when you have to vote on who you think will do the LEAST amount of damage rather than who you feel is the best candidate.
  8. And I'm Caucasian from German decent. Does that mean I look like Hitler? Ok, he was Austrian but you get my point. Sheesss!!! Some people. Grow up!!!!
  9. Please define "hit". Do you mean a swat on the backside? Yes, in the past. It's not needed anymore. My son is now almost 12 and the WORST thing I can do to him now is to tell him he's let me down. I think he would prefer a good swat. The sting doesn't last as long as when you've let someone down you love and respect. Do you mean smack on the face? No. There's punishment then there's abuse. HUGE difference!!!! Asking if someone "hits" their kids is a loaded and unfair question. That's like asking someone "So, do you still beat your wife?" No matter which way you answer you're doomed. Please stop making questions that when answered, will fit your agenda.
  10. No, Puck is saying you'd be better off with a 9800 Pro. The 6600gt will be "all right". I would go with something that is "better" than "all right". Why ask for advice if you aren't going to pay attention to it? I can play Doom 3 and HL2 with fairly high settings with my 9800 Pro.
  11. Is it possible the theme you installed had a "bomb" inside of it? My ex downloaded this "cute" kitty theme, installed it and crashed the system. I scanned the theme and it had a virus inside of it. :angry2: After a stern lecture and a re-format of the system she installed "hotbar" It was 2 weeks before I could "find the time" to fix the system again.
  12. That's pretty sweet. I especially like the part about being able to record with time-shift. It like a TIVO for radio.
  13. So just because somebody has the ability to make money that gives you the right to rip people off???? BooHoo!!! Somebody has something I don't and that entitles me to it!!!! Waaahhhaaa!!! 15 or not if my kids EVER tried something like that I'd B!tch-slap them 5 ways to Thrusday. So you're disabled? You can't make money? How about mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow? No wait!!! I have a better idea!!! I'll rip off family members!!! Just save time and go on welfare now. Since you're entitled to a free ride. Also, before you talking about people being dumb you might want to grab a dictionary. One more thing...thanks for the heads up on your selling practices. BTW Happy New Year!!!!!
  14. I've washed a MB from an old IBM XT. I just made sure it was dry and I didn't use any detergent so any impurities would be left behind. I used water from one of those NSA filters that you hook to your faucet. Worked fine.
  15. Or it looks like rivits. One suggestion would be to find somebody with a REALLY GOOD drill press, carefully support the card and try to drill them out. You of course would want to go very slow and keep a very good grip on the card in case the drill bit bit into the metal and threw the card. Good luck.
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