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    CS Storm Scout Mid-Tower
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    G.Skill Ripjaw 4GB DDR3
    1 TB HDD
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  1. just flash the mobo pins and you'll be fine.
  2. My bad. I just had to Flash my Bios to latest Rev. on My AsRock 870 Extreme 3. Apparently, now I have 2100mhz bus speed option now, as opposed, to the 1800mhz cut off, I thought this motherboard had. Apparently, Mobo, recognizes the G.Skill Ripjaw and The Corsair Vengeance together, now, just fine. Thanks for input.
  3. I liked the first color of that Miata better. Maybe a polished white, with a 'blue' high finish gloss. and Blue 17'' deep rims. at least it's a 5 spd. Miata is the 1st car, you get in Gran Turismo 4. It's a grrrrr8 car. have fun, even with your Miata G'd out. Shiii....
  4. If you have seen this felion, please contact Tony the Tiger at 1-900-BIG-TIGGLER.
  5. Waco, it might be your birfday, although, please don't be ignorant and be more tolerable for all of us here, including the staff, who feels, benevolent at your stature and your nerve to throw us curve balls like this. jeez.
  6. Link - - - > To another guy with similar issue http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=196796&do=findComment&comment=2096404 I would also, consider, Gigabyte 4 Mobos, simply because of the Dual Bios. It's nice to have as a back up incentive. AsRock's r cool too. I haven't been able to express myself with this mobo yet, because of stock cooling.
  7. Wear and tear with visual issues like that, is always either an issue with drivers or over heating. Consider getting more oxygen in your Case.
  8. iz crucial dat i getz mo g skillz. say no mo o o o o o o o o corsair makes me feel like nike or sumtin g unit pix oh say do pc de de de desk top b coming soon, do.
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