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    Moding, Water Cooling, Unix, Web based coding (html, perl, asp, php etc), snow boarding of coarse, cars and web based graphics.<br><br>Also i am in college for Electronic Egienering...hell i can't spell it but im majoring in it...i can do the Calc 2 coarse..so i gues i dont' have to be able to spell!!!!!
  1. Hey guys long time since ive been here....im back home for a few weeks and decided i would make a new computer to take to my next duty station and i have it all built and what not...and i can not get my copy of windows XP to install....i have got to say that this is the first time i have ever had a legal version of a windows os other then 3.11 and all my pirated ones never failed me...this one is being a pain anyways i install the os installer basicaly....were it copys set up files then goes to restart the computer and load the real setup...well after it reboots it says either NO OS or unable to load os.....any sugustions would be great. - Kory
  2. sorry for the delay in responce man, Im curently at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri and getting ready to ship out for some more training them im off to the big sand box called Iraq for a year.... I will see what i can do about getting ahold of some pics before i take off tho.
  3. I just live in the sticks of Maine
  4. well i have one of those boxes that came with my desk. My solid oak desk looked rather trashey with this off white box with orangish red buttons on it....so i removed the front plate and made one out of aok and finished it and painted the casing black and removed the LED's and installed solid black switches with a small blue LED about the switch....making a new front plate is easy and can make it look realy custom....painting the medal is easy just sand it and spray it....u can paint plastic with automotive paint rather well just put it on in very thin layers so it does not run.
  5. now thats a post.....lol i like that bad boys rape our young girls but viliote goes wilingly thing....your teacher actualy told you that....must not have had any girls in your class that has sexial harasment writen all over it...lol
  6. bass_freak

    Movin Up

    hehe mights well let em run 24/7...they will outdate before they will burn up.... anyways i am trying to talk my boss into loading folding on the 12 company computers since they realy arn't used very much, they are all linux runing P4 2.0ghz and Mandrake Linux OS...we jsut do invintory control and sceduling on one of them...the rest are just for looks i guess...he bought them with a grant or osmthin....hell if i know....will keep ya posted if i get him talked into it....or u will just notice my WU go up about 14 times
  7. ive heard of it being done with min oil many times...gues it works ok but just a regular water cooling system would make much more sence and be alot less risky, all it would take is one thign falling into the water to mess it all up...spill some grape juice in thier and your screwew
  8. bass_freak

    Movin Up

    when will it be able to take a diffrent user name then are forum user name? the script that is for the graphic
  9. ya it doesn't need much hard drive space, but ram u wana make sure you have enough so that its not at max load....i alwasy shoot for a 50% ram free at idle when i build computers for people (keep in mind thats with windows XP wich is a memory hog somtimes)
  10. i spend aout 15 hours a day on comtuer..i work on a coptuer, i come home do my online college classes..then i chat and search the web and download music and play around with diffrent things.... I am the key maker crap it
  11. ya ive the tried the hole google search...and it works fine in windows XP...i need some windows 98 drivers....the burner isn't mine...windows 98 only sees it as a regular cd rom because its all old and crapy....not all new and crapy like xp
  12. Looken for drivers for a yamaha 2100e (burner), can't find them on the factory site.....anyone knows any places letme know...thanks
  13. i do belive lindows is share ware....im pretty sure it is also open sorce but im not sure on that one....u can download it right off the lindows website
  14. what exactly is doubel sided foam tape? whats it actualy made to do...ive never heard of it...if it owrks good maybe i can find a use for it...
  15. your best bet is to get a TV Tuner seprate from your video card, i got a LeadTek one of NewEgg that is awsome...has svideo, cable tv tuner, FM tuner, remote, rca video in....its pretty sweet...comes with alot of great software so u can use it like a VCR and record your tv shows
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