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  1. thanks for the suggestions. I will keep posting updated pics. Im planning on rigging a EL wire into the wireless keyboard, cleaning the wires up with black sleeves, and getting red rounded ide cables. It's gonna own all of joooo. lol Ill submit more pictures for further suggestions. thanks edit: another pic:
  2. oh no. I wouldn't mess with the keyboard at all if i had to add a wire. I was thinking a long the lines of taking apart the inverter and fitting it into my keyboard, I'm just not sure there will be enough room. I don't even know if the wire will las long illuminated by a battery either.
  3. I just started working on this mod. I bought the case for $30 on newegg. I plan on sleeving the wires and illuminating the designs on the front that I carved out. I also plan on adding a DVD RW in the spot below my DVD ROM let me know if you have any ideas for things I could do to make my case look better.
  4. Yeah as I looked into it more, it doesnt seem to be possible. The closest thing I have so far, is to use an AA power inverter for the EL wire. The only problem with this, is how to fit the big assed inverter into the keyboard. My keyboard is ultra slim, so I don't think that will work. 9V adapter: http://www.elwirecheap.com/noname31.html AA adapter: http://www.elwirecheap.com/noname10.html If anyone has any ideas on how to slim these inverters down. let me know. thanks EDIT: Another idea would be maybe to add some LEDs in the keyboard. LEDs are a little more power efficiant than this EL wire. any thoughts?
  5. I've been reading about El wire, and I have seen how others have added it to their keyboards to mek them glow. My question is, will this work on a wireless keyboard? I have a Duo MX elite keyboard made by Logitech. Should I be concerned with power issues or battery usage? How should I go about this? Where should I connect the three pin in my keyboard to the EL wire? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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