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  1. Hi, In an effort to come up with a small project for my car while at the same time trying to tweak my fuel economy of mydriving style.. i thought it would be cool to get a spedometer-like meter that measured basically the amount of fuel that was going into my car instantaneously (i suppose the rate of fuel). I dont know how it actually works, but i presume there is just a tube going from the gas tank to the front end of the car, and if you attach something to that tube to measure how much fuel is oging through it you could measure your 'instantaneous fuel economy'. If there is anything technically wrong with that explaination please correct me.. i'm a car newb . If there is any product or key word that i can google for to find what i'm looking for please hook me up ^_^. Thanks!
  2. i heard that an old vette would be a nice investement and 'cheap' as far as sports cars go because they are american made. where would i get stuff like that engine for the miata? are there shops online or should i go to a junk yard or what? I'm probably not going to do anything until the end of the summer but i want to scope out my possibilities and thanks to everyone who replied
  3. put a 350 in there? you mean put a new engine in there?
  4. I dont know a lot about cars (well i know more than a lot of people but nothing compared to the experts). I want that to change . I want to buy an old car and fix it up, something cheap that needs some repair, where the original cost and repair cost (which is probably going to include a paint job) dont exceed 10,000$. I was looking for opinions on some good cars to buy and fix up. My original thought was a Porsche 968 or 944 (probably the 968 because they are ~5 years newer and not too much more expensive). Oh, and clearly i want something fast .
  5. but what about the directx10 hardware compatability... i dont plan on upgrading my card for another 4-5years
  6. Hi, I've been out of the scene for a while but am now looking at upgrading my system to full 64 bit, which means an overhaul of graphics card. The whole idea of SLI is after my last upgrade (its been a while )... Basically, wondering, what is better, 2 $150 graphics cards in SLI or a $300 graphics card? Looks like the $150 graphics cards dont look half bad ... and the $300 your paying premiums for latest and greatest.
  7. Hi, i'm looking for a nice wireless headset. I'd be using it with my computer for gaming (DoD and CStrike mostly) and would like it work relatively flawlessly with my computer which is about 4-6 feet from my head (and maybe behind a desk). I've never bought any wireless stuff like this before, so i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Like, would RF accomplish that (i could use the XBox wireless headset?) or do i need to get bluetooth? Are there any brands you'd recommend? Thanks
  8. DrAwesomePhD

    PS3 Price Cuts

    Not to mention games dont take advantage of the cell processor - which is more expensive to buy than simply buying a PS3 programming games or anything to utilize many parallel processors is no easy task, especially when you have to pump out game after game to meet competition and dont have time to dwindle over every optimization possible... software development cant keep up with hardware per usual. Overall, the PS3 is just overkill for the time being. I'm thinking the PS4 will basically just be a PS3 in a new box with some spiffy addons like nintendo did with the wiimote... or maybe some attempt at virtual reality - but the hardware will barely if at all change .... its just a powerhouse right now.
  9. not trying to flame but... First gen DX10 cards are a.) going to be overkill for what software is going to be developed in the near future and b.) very buggy and unstable... being gen1 and all. I'd wait until gen2 or 3 anyway but to answer your question: i think the dx10 librarys or whatever were officially released in november... so i'd expect more cards to be coming up soon but dont quote me on that
  10. Maybe its the software? Skype is incredibly well developed software and works flawlessly, auto-detects volume and all other sorts of fancy things. It doesnt require much bandwidth so I'd assume most wireless should work relatively well with it... if you get a chance try it out i'd be curious how well it works
  11. Something about the iphone that intrigued me was the fact that Skype came with it. I was wondering, does that mean that you can use the iphone for a phone by using skype and VOIP (assuming your in a wifi area) without having a service plan attached to it? That would make it a very nifty device Skype is DRAMATICALLY cheaper than a cell phone service and if your in a wifi area...
  12. Hi... i remembered that when i reinstalled windows a few weeks ago i forgot do the thing where you "press f6 to load additional raid drivers" during the boot... I've gone through the device manager and it never seems to recognize the drivers that i point to... which leads me to believe that I need to install these at a lower level than the OS... I've been googling for hours and cant find any executable or anything always the same thing.... Is there any way i can still install these drivers?
  13. Well, sure theres no native way to do it now, but i'd assume that a relatively simple bootloader (or just a modification of GRUB or some other open source bootloader) should allow two drives to boot at the same time... I'm moreover asking if the system is capable of doing it... it seems if we can use boot camp why cant we run both mac and windows at the same time without the overhead of emulation or virtualization.
  14. Hi, i'm not exactly a wiz with computers but i was wondering if this was possible: If you have 2 hard drives, could you install Apple OSX on one hard drive then windows on another hard drive. You boot into OSX and at the same time boot the windows hard drive. Your monitor displays the OSX, but the Windows hard drive is running in the background. Now, there is some software that allows the Mac to communicate with the Windows, but it is not an emulator it merely just forwards display information. So now when you want to run a windows program on OSX you can just install the program onto the windows hard drive (through OSX) and the window that the program displays is merely forwarded to the OSX computer. So essentially, the Windows hard drive which is running silently in the background will send all the processed display information to the Mac and the Mac will merely display it. When you are playing a full-screen Windows game, however, the windows drive will take over because it is far more efficient that way... Anyway, something that came up today... I figure it doesnt make sense or else someone else would have already done it but I'm just not sure where it breaks down.
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