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  1. Is Intel coming out with an i7 IvyBridge socket 2011? I've seen some articles point to Q4 but i can't find anything definitive. It seems that combo would be the best of both worlds. If I'm mostly gaming & using SLI, does one CPU have an advantage over the other?
  2. I may have a couple of 80gb drives laying around. I'll look tonight when I get home. Wouldn't cost much. Basically just pay for shipping
  3. I just realized today is my 7yr anniversary on OCC Where does the time go. Haven't been on much in the last couple of years, but a big THANK YOU to all
  4. PM'd post back here after you get it so i know it went through
  5. I will have to pass this year. I don't want to miss the live draft like last year
  6. any way to move the draft time back about an hour and a half?
  7. Newegg Canada would be a good place to start Newegg Canada
  8. I'm running Vista64 and I haven't encountered any errors with Rivatuner using an 8800GT. Might want to double the drivers.
  9. I remember trying to purposely miss the bus
  10. I didn't think we could post links to pr0n
  11. Just in case you change your mind about building a desk, this is one of mine that I use... Bush Work N Play (you can usually find this on sale)
  12. With the way the economy is going, I'm going to try and replenish my savings and pay off credit cards. But I'm sure there will still be money for upgrades
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