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  1. Very advanced and accurate renderings. Who knows maybe someday all movies will be CGI. The person indicated through the link did not get hired as a Lead Designer for no reason.
  2. There are several possibilities that exist with your WinRar malfunction. Here are some ideas...open your winrar program, and go through your settings options specifing what the program should do thoroughly. Winrar has issues with drag & drop, if you have been using this method, stop, as it causes temp file problems. If you you have recently tried to view the files with a different program other than Winrar, that too causes issues with temp files, as now Winrar doesnt think it should delete the temps. Usually by closing WinRar for at least an hour wipes the temps when restarted. The sudden change is what is troubling. It is possible that you may may have corrupted the winrar program with a virus or malware, and it has found its way into the temp files making them undeletable by WinRar. The temp folders are in Users/ /local/appdata/temp, if you cannot manually delete any files inside, or if it states "the files are in use by another program" you have found a potential reason why WinRar has changed its behavior. Restart PC and try again. In WinRar settings you could enable error logging to further diagnose the issue. Ive focused on these issues because the "Settings" under "Options" should have never changed on their own considering you were able click in the WinRar to view files previously. In the meantime install Malwarebytes Free and run a full scan. Best i can do at this point.
  3. I would think that links take you away from the OCC website for PC Advice/Wiki would be counter productive in regards to revenue generation. As long as the pages have that Navy Blue color you are supporting OCC, and the needs of people who are seeking much needed advice. You cant carry over your advertiser support to a Wiki page can you. I myself prefer what Bosco is thinking, guides with facts, and a minimum of tangents.
  4. Nice job 96andrei...thats a well layed out educational guide that should help any person visiting OCC deal with that installation. A whql driver is an Official/Genuine digitally signed driver from the actual manufacturer of your hardware. If it is not digitally signed you could risk installing a driver from a third party that has been unpacked, and repacked with 3rd party software/malware. If you do not change Nvidia settings often you can also choose to not have the Nvidia control panel start with the Operating System, and run in your task bar as a startup item, which improves startup time. It is then accessable in the Control Panel. I also choose to have it check for updates, but ask if I want to install. With guides like 96andrei's over time people will automatically think OCC first when they need assistance.
  5. I have a newegg list for you...and some thoughts. Stay away from the Asus m4n68t mobo it has a nvidia chipset that has hyper thread issues, ive bought them. ECS mobo's are the cheapest around, i've seen so many failed mobo's. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811233073 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128553 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103727 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125455 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182200 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226287 This totals $462.00 is matched well & will rock & roll. It leaves HDD allowance, and some periphial fans. The mid-tower case will run a little cooler, and handle the full ATX board. If you are getting a video card get a board without onboard graphics.
  6. Congradulations I hope you enjoy your years together. It takes two to take on this world!
  7. It depends on a lot of factors, and the primary would be is the level of control you choose over your system. Updating drivers isn't like installing an update or patch to prevent an exploit of your system, even though those can be left on manual for you to decide if & when. If you are close to cutting edge in graphics, and playing the latest out there, then yes update. Many drivers from the manufacturers of the components in your system have a very good reason to update, and will explain the actual criteria of the update in full explanation on their websites. Don't forget to browse around for firmware updates for the hardware in your system also.
  8. Alright..I think i've got it. Dont comment on threads that are say over two months old, even though they are never actually closed. It is better to start a new titled thread that correlates to the thread you would have liked to expand on, but is not currently active enough. If you create a thread that is simular "keyword wise", when it is searched for, your newest thread will arrive on top of the others that match. The resultant search results will allow one to discover the "wanted trains of thought" needed to solve their PC or other issue within the matched thread titles.
  9. RayMark


    Welcome to OCC..the members & staff here are a pretty cool bunch of characters, and have been tolerant of me so far. I am not so forum savvy as the bulk of most members here are. If you already know what "necro bump" means you'll be fine...
  10. Can you imagine selling millions of high speed electronic devices for a network that essentially does not exist, yes it has been done it is called 4g. These companies have literally buried the 3g networks, completely over saturating the intended capacities. Maybe later this year the actual 4g might have more than a tiny ink blot of coverage in the handful of the largest cities, or not. But in the meantime are you paying for 4g coverage, and getting only 3g. What should be done about that.
  11. My experiences with free anti-viruses are fairly extensive, and have spent a lot of time installing & running them just to see for myself. MSE - Runs sticky, glitchy, doesn't catch much, weak hueristics, automatic update issues - if your automatic updates aren't on it can't update itself to the newest virus database, or it will turn it on without your permission, and may not even download the new virus database. AVG - Installs OK, catches a fair amount, then slowly over time bogs down becoming a resource hog, clunky, viruses in quarintine seem to effect its running. Avast - is the top free anti-virus i've tested, lots of control over which engines are running, a boot time scan for root kits is invalueable, and is a medium level resource user. Immunet (clam) - It was so bad I uninstalled within hours. Panda Cloud - If you value your PC stay away from this cloudy stuff. Malwarebytes - Only runs real time if you pay for it, and it runs heavy. If you run it as an occasional check it one of the best PC health programs out there. Additional Free Programs; Spybot Search & Destroy - One of the deepest scans your PC will ever experience, use occasionally, or when you are in deep trouble. Can be installed running realtime, but runs heavy, due to its immunities function. When I come across PC's with serious virus issues I run - Malwarebytes, Spybot Search & Destroy, TDSS Killer, Highjack This, and Combo Fix. The lightest fastest most thorough Paid A/V i've ever used is ESET NOD32...hands down. You may not realize how much resources are being used by your A/V until you install ESET. Kapersky is top dog for catching all the ills, but uses more resources than ESET. If you run any of the Free A/V's you must occasionally run Malwarebytes and/or Spybot!
  12. Rejoice in youth onion, have fun! People anymore seeing someone elevate their heart rate can't stand it. But it's nothing they never did in their life? I'm surprised some neighbors haven't come over to look at your Z, to have a beer, and talk cars. Your Z is a pretty nice setup Holley carb, headers, and you know someone took the time to jet it right. It is better to keep your neighbors friends though, they can keep picking up the phone, and every time you drive you'll get pulled over for this & that. Or just flip the script and go introduce yourself saying how much you enjoy cars & hope it doesn't disturb you too much. If there are lots of little kids around, well um, well um...
  13. Excellent which confirmed your suspicions initially, but now the fun begins. The installer may be corrupted, a fix may be available from Microsoft site. Always remember to right click & install as administrator. Hopefully you did not change into LBA mode after you installed the OS. These modes have to be decided upon prior to the install of an OS. Difficulties with HDD total size is usually a cause of mobo/bios incompatibility, thus previous posters suggestions. You may be able to shrink the drive less than 2tb in your drive management area if in fact the mobo cant deal with a 2tb total...but that may not be a work around, after all a certain percentage is reserved for cache and recycle bin. In other words partitioning your drive may be in order. Supposedly you can look up or submit the Event ID # to Microsoft to further examine it. Make sure all of your c++ runtime libraries are installed from microsoft, in fact while you are there install NET 4.0, and any other options they offer that may assist the msi installer with software installs, and they're required environments. Good luck.
  14. When it comes to car audio if your car wont do 30mph with the engine off powered by just the subwoofers, they're not big enough. At least that how I used to feel, as the factory stereos now are pack plenty of punch. I currently use a set of fender headphones which seem to have the needed range up & down, with very low total harmonic distortion, and very low clip. Can't seem to get away with watching a movie loud through surround sound as it always seems to interfere with someones activities or inactivity, wasting a beautiful Sony A/V amps potential. I always seem to live longer playing games with headphones on due to the direct injection of sound into the already battered eardrums.
  15. I have found it best not to let Windows manage the paging file, set to custom and manually set it to 1 1/2 times the total amount of memory, which actually it recommends to itself but never does, this improves performance. You could remove the HDD, and reinstall it, or turn off PC, unplug it from AC, remove bios battery then set jumper to hard clear the bios. This resets the bios, and forces the mobo to reacquire the attached hardware, and reinstall drivers. Also right click on "computer" in start menu goto "manage" then open system events, and there you will find what the problem is if it still exists. Although somewhat cryptic at times you can get a pretty good idea of the source of the issue. Hope that gets ya dialed in!
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