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  1. Its a HP pc with windows xp pro on it. It had a error not allowing it to log in, even from safe mode... it had not been wiped in years, so i figured id redo the pc since all the data had been removed already. Come to find out the family photos were still on it. I used the HP recovery program to reinstall windows, and I have done all the windows updates. What chance do I have? Thanks... I feel sick right about now.
  2. Well got all the files back. Used [email protected] Partition Recovery 5.1 Build 595 Quick scan didn't find anything, but the super scan found it. Had to delete the invalid partition (a little scary, didn't want to be deleting anything at this point) which was letter G: Then I was able to recover the info from the drive. The recovery only took a sec after the 12+ hour super scan. Very easy with the software once you figured out where to start. Thanks!!
  3. cool, just wanted to make sure i can get the lan drivers or that they are on windows 7 so im not stuck. Thanks
  4. Just wanted to ask a quick question, I'm thinking about upgrading the os to windows 7 and was looking at the drivers on the dfi site and didnt see any for windows 7, just xp 64 (for some of the hardware). Am I better off leaving it a xp machine, or have some of you upgraded without problems? Thanks all
  5. That program doesn't recover a deleted partition. Thanks though.
  6. Well took a while but it says it didn't find a partition. So i kicked off the SuperScan. Anyone used this software before? Think I'm doing it right lol. Thanks
  7. I downloaded [email protected] partition recovery for windows and am scaning the drive now. Windows shows it as drive letter G: but cant access it. Ill respond when the scan is complete.
  8. Thanks, I did not format the drive, just deleted the partition... and realized what i did as i was releasing the key confirming that i wanted to delete the partition... that link isnt working for me, just me?
  9. Hello all, So I went to a friends house to get his computer working again which I did but it had not been reloaded in a couple of years so we decided to move the important info to a new external HD that I just got them for Christmas. Moved all the family photos, music and wife's work files to the external HD and proceeded to install XP from scratch. At the partition screen.... with out really thinking i deleted to 2 partitions in a effort to put them together into one and after deleting the larger one (1tb) I realized that the external HD was still plugged into the computer and I just erased all of his photos and info. My heart sank and at first I was just in denial. Then started to freak out... Is there hope? I was reading around and I found a post of someone who did the same thing but never posted what the outcome was. Someone recommended him to use Paragon partition manager. Or do I need to send it away to have it recovered. Seems to me that all the data is still there, just no partition to read the hard drive. Please help, your my only hope!
  10. Just got an upgrade for my aging pc, problem is i had to modify the case of it a bit to make it fit (poor motherboard design for these new huge video cards). But i got it seated all the way and no video. Did i screw the pooch and they are not compatible? If it should work fine, ill run the card over to a friends house and pop it in his system to check it. Thanks all
  11. lol good call on the hard drive, i missed that, ment to get a SATA one, ill change that Ill look around for more pricing, thanks for all the help
  12. bugget was around 1500 lol I also just found that i have some ram that will work for him that didnt work on a different mobo. Have a DDR2 GEIL CAS 4 and PC 6400 @ 800 MHz that ill give him, as well as taking a video card off, and cooler as you sudgest, we can get him into the 3 GHz CPU thanks!
  13. @ Bleeble the power supply is going for 159, and i wasnted a beefed up PS so if he wants to add another card he can... Thanks for the note on the hard drive, your totally right, added a 500gb for 110. as for the cooling, he will not be OCin this rig, he knows nothing about computers (i was taking to him on the phone about setting up UI's in wow and they were over lapping.. found out he was playing at 800x600 lol ). So I just wanted to get him into the best PC at his bugget... which i have spent over at this point. So upgrading the CPU would mean taking something else away now... and i just realized that i didn't add a sound card yet. Oh well lol Ill add a basic one or get him one my self so he and the wife are all good on price.
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