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  1. Squarepi

    Name The Song.

    Jimmy Buffett - Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
  2. Squarepi

    Second Chance.

    If you haven't already, try booting into Safe Mode and running all the virus and spyware scans.
  3. Squarepi

    Picking Out Some Headphones

    I'm looking for a new pair of headphones. They'll be used mostly for watching videos and listening to music on my computer. I'm interested in wireless headphones (I kept running over the cord on the last pair with my desk chair), but I'd like to keep it under $100, so if the only way to do that is to get a wired set, I'm fine with that too. I've heard good things on this forum about Sennheiser headsets, but I don't really have a need for a microphone. So, having said that, any reccommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Squarepi

    Most Secure Os?

    Any OS that doesn't have a TCP/IP protocol suite. I believe that OpenBSD is supposed to be one of the most secure OS's out there, though I don't know how easy it is to use.
  5. Squarepi

    Knoppix... Where To Dload...

    http://www.pcnineoneone.com/howto/binary3.html Same applies for the file.
  6. Squarepi

    First Time Overclocking

    You're complaining about a 1.5 Ghz overclock? My processor is only 1.7 Ghz.
  7. Squarepi

    Dell Software Question

    So they do send the OEM disk for the software? Excellent. Thank you for your help.
  8. Squarepi

    Dell Software Question

    This is probably a bad forum to ask this at, but does anyone here know if you order software with a Dell computer (like Microsoft Office) if they give you the disks for the software? (Don't worry, it's not for me, it's for my boss.) Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  9. Squarepi

    Spelled Same, Said Different

    access `ak-'ses/ăk'sĕs A means of approaching, entering, exiting, communicating with, or making use of/ Permission, liberty, or ability to enter, approach, communicate with, or pass to and from a place, thing, or person
  10. Squarepi

    Dvd Burner Problem

    Sorry 'bout that. Yes, the drive has worked fine since I installed it about 6 months ago. I've burned CDs and DVDs and read CDs and DVDs with this drive.
  11. Squarepi

    Dvd Burner Problem

    I have a Plextor DVD Burner (Model PX-716A) that I've installed in a Dell. Today when I went to burn a DVD-R, the drive wouldn't recognize that there was a DVD in it. Nero also says that the drive is empty. I know the problem is not with the disc, as the drive won't recognize any type of disk I throw at it, even though they all work fine in other computers. The Device Manager says that the drive is working properly. I have the latest firmware for it, and have tried restarting the computer. I do know that the drive is communicating with the computer because when I can eject the drive through both Windows and Nero. Any ideas why it would just stop recognizing discs or how to fix it?
  12. Squarepi

    Mp3 Editor

    Audacity will allow you to do that easily.
  13. Squarepi

    Media Players

    Quintessential for audio, Media Player Classic for video.
  14. Squarepi

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    http://www.google.com/search?q=%22Alpha,+D...=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Sixth entry.
  15. Squarepi

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    Spoiler: Missile Command ^^^^ Think retro.