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  1. it may just be to far away for the router so u might wanna invest in a signal booster from newegg or some local computer shop
  2. I use 3 the same amount windows xp pro sp1*hate sp2*to play games and do w/e for recreation* Windows Small Business server 2003*at work* Windows Server 2003 EnterPrise Edition*play around with at home*
  3. alright thanks i dont have to do any hard mods? i was reading somwhere that you had to do that and i was like hell no lol so u dont have to do that to get from a 6800 to a 6800gt?
  4. In the next 3 days im getting 300 bucks and im gonna get the gigabyte 6800 How do u open the 12 pipelines to 16 pipelines ive only read about opening the pipelines with the evga 6800 and unlocking them so what im wondering is can i with the gigabyte version? im a gigabyte whore so i would prefer gigabyte but i want to unlock the pipelines so help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. how about 10gigs for windows c 50gigs for programd D 50gigs for data /backups/music/dvd's E thats how i partition my 120 gig
  6. looks like ints unanimus*cant spell* lol thanks guys
  7. What ram do you think im not looking for expensive ram but want a gig my ram now oc's to 220 and its the stupid corsair value ram.... Pdp or Mushkin those are the 2 im deciding on my point of view is if they dont oc oh well if they do then sweet so witch do you think i have a better chance of oc'ing with * i know its kinda luck of the draw, but maybe one oc's better than the other i dunno* or if theres ram thats maybe the same price or 20 bucks more tell me
  8. are both power connectors on the cpu? unplug everything except the ram cpu and vid card and mobo and then boot up see if it goes into bios...then if it does add hdd try it if it boots then add cd the repeat this proces until all of your hdd/cdroms/dvdrw/roms/floppy are connected if it stops working after you connect something unconnect it and move to the next thing that will indicate it might not be the mobo... try losening ths screws to the mobo because it MAY because a shortage somehow somewhere*its rare but possible* and then.... if that doesnt work try taking EVERYHTING cept cpu out of the mobo and boot it up and see if it beeps if it beeps then it may not be the mobo but thats not for sure also try reseating everything
  9. Raptor

    Admin Software

    i want to be able to moniter what people are doing so i dont just have some 13 year olds download pron lol or so i dont have someone downloading torrents and then i want to know if peole are accessing other computers and possibly putting a virus on the victims computer.
  10. Raptor

    Admin Software

    so would running isa server be a good idea? *im thinking of using my businuss server for the firewall witch is running small business server to block any bad stuff i dont want in
  11. Raptor

    Admin Software

    My company is planning a public lan here and i was wondering what kinda software i could use to monitor the network and stuff? any ideas?
  12. thanks for the help kobalt hopefully i get around to getting the paint this weekend
  13. yes im talking about the inside to i just need to sand and find a primer and then black paint thats made for steel? would brushing it or spray paint be better... sorry im a noob on modding lol
  14. so like an 80 grit and going from that in 100 grit incriments? then getting a white primer? then a flat black, what type of paint is now my question but thanks for the reply.
  15. What paint should i do to paint the inside of my case? and what are the steps? i have a cheiftec alien green case its steel so do i need to sand the inside first then paint? whats the exact paint i need? for primer and the black im going to be putting leds and cold cathodes in here sometime just wanting to paint the case first so the help would be greatly appreciated.
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