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  1. I can't see any reason why they can't read the RSS feed, I tried to do a bunch of testing and we never see the request come through to the server or firewall. I've emailed their tech support to see if they can help out. I tested the RSS feed in a few free RSS online readers and they all seem to grab the feeds without problems, so I think the feed still works for other RSS readers - hopefully Protopage can help us debug the problem.
  2. Hi Braegnok, may I ask you to click on the "View more details" link in the shown window and provide us with more information? I tried to log in using a different browser and I do not see this warning. Also, which anti-virus / malware software are you using?
  3. Hi everyone, here's a little update on what we have squashed in the last few hours. The URL redirection bug which leads you to http://forums.overclockersclub.comhttp://www.overclockersclub.com/index.php... (a 404 page) is now fixed. This bug was found earlier in mobile mode, the pagination links under View New Content, as well as redirection upon member sign in / out. The colors on member profile and poll pages are tuned. All W_WARNING boxes should be fixed now. On top of that, there are report / edit / delete functions on each message. However, they are only visible when you mouse over the message box and they will appear next to the MultiQuote and Quote buttons. Other than that, keep posting about new problems. Catherine
  4. Testing attachment Edit: so it works
  5. Sorry for the delay. I've just added a fix. Could you please confirm if it works now? Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, Bosco asked me to investigate in this issue. After some research, it seems that the forum thinks you have no permission to post comments on profiles. I'm not sure why it didn't give a proper error message. But if you can provide some clues to the following questions, that'd help me greatly. Did you see this error on ALL profiles or one specific member's? Were you logged in when trying to post the comment? Did you enter the comment right after the profile page was loaded? ie, did you idle the page for more than an hour before posting the comment? Thanks in advance.
  7. Do you have any plugins enabled that we might have to install to reproduce this? I use Chrome as my primary browser and Chrome5 never freezes. I'm on a Windows 7 64bit box. Could you list both the plugins as well as your OS details? When it freezes do you see anything in the Chrome status bar, like what URL its waiting on?
  8. Same error Dave, you should create yourself a basic user account (if you don't already have one) so you can test things out as us lowly members see them Okay, please test now
  9. Okay, yours is a different problem that I'm still working on. But the "Do not have permissions to access gallery" bug should be fixed for others. Stay tuned, ClayMeow.
  10. We hit the limit that the db storage allowed, so I increased it to accomodate much higher scores .
  11. Hi everyone, Yesterday afternoon the IPB folks began the merge with the DIY forum. This is something we have been waiting for over 2 weeks, so we were very excited. However, things were not to go as smoothly as we had assumed they would. Apparently there was a speed issue with the merge, and the entire operation took something like 10hours, during which the forums had been shut down for safety and performance reasons. After the merge completed, many of us could not reach the forums at all, but it appears as though some of you could. After fiddling around with it, either I, or IPB managed to get the forums fully functional this morning, around 10am PST. The new DIY forums have been put into their own category. Bosco and the forum mods will likely reorganize everything when they are ready, for now they are temporarily in the Merged DIY category which you'll see on the main forum page. Sorry for the crazy long forum downtime. None of us had anticipated this to take so long, and we're very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused everyone. Hopefully things run a bit more smoothly here on out, and thankfully the merge is finally coming along! === Note: There might be other weird stuff. User accounts may have doubled, and the threads that DIY members created on DIY-street are not attached to your accounts here. All these issues we have to figure, I really don't know if there is an easy fix for any of these kinds of things, or if there is any fix at all, so please be patient in the meantime.
  12. It looks like the permissions weren't setup properly on that forum. Should work now.
  13. Stick with monoprice.com - AV fanatics at AVSForum recommend it and I've personally bought my optical cables and DVI cables there, plus had various friends buy from there. Prices are ridiculously cheap for the results you get. http://www.monoprice.com/products/search.a...dvi%20component
  14. The server time is correct both at the server level and the database level, and PHP correctly identifies that we're no longer in DST, so I'm guessing this is a forum software issue. I'll talk to George and see if he knows anything about it.
  15. Sorry guys, this is fixed now, and should work as normal from here on out.
  16. The default skin was disabled (unintentionally or through miscommunication) when we upgraded the forum. I've just re-enabled it. Personally I think we ought to have a light background variant of the OCC skin .
  17. I wouldn't be too worried ClayMeow. Static banners are a common occurrence in review sites. I've seen them on hardocp, many other overclocking sites (extremeoverclocking, overclockers AU, etc), modding sites (gruntville), giant monsters (ie of anandtech caliber many years ago). The reason they are more rare in the more popular sites is that nobody can afford it. Magazines do it too. If a magazine could sell their back page ad to a single company for the long term they'll do it. This is a free market and Mushkin chose to take advantage of something that other companies haven't yet decided to do. If others decided they wanted to compete for that space we'd sell it to them just as fairly (provided it fits with our target audience). TRUE bias would be if we decided to sell ads to some companies, and not others, and then, turn around and only review products from our advertisers rather than from just anyone. I'm sure you've noticed we have no fear of reviewing Mushkin's competitors - the Patriot PC2-8500 review right here has positive things to say about both Patrio and OCZ, neither of which are advertising , and I think other visitors will notice the same thing. If the other hardware and review sites can run these things in the past (and now) then I think we can safely do the same too without everyone suddenly being afraid of any bias. I also visit many sites that focus on a variety of things from cell phones to web development software and health products and I notice it being common there too. I've not once wondered if they would be biased towards those advertisers and neither have any of the visitors that I've talked to on those sites (although my own good faith might stem from me being in the industry and knowing I'd never allow for such a compromise, and thus assuming the same of others).
  18. Hi everyone, In all the rush to move to the newer server we had not properly set things up for optimum site performance. I've since rectified that by enabling Gzip compression of site pages on the main site, and installing a php accelerator/opcode cache. Some of the site load during peak hours was getting a little bit high, and I think this will help tremendously. If you experience any problems relating to not being able to see a page properly please let us know here. For more details you may also refer to my news posting here: http://www.overclockersclub.com/news/17611/
  19. We're having problems with the overclockermail.com domain which I'm trying to resolve. Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope to have it resolved within the next few days
  20. Are you using IE 5 or 5.5? If so can you do a refresh with the SHIFT or CTL key. I've updated the CSS to fix a bug in those older browsers.
  21. If there are any other features that you guys miss or notice are broken keep letting us know. Bosco and I are fixing these as they come. Time to restore the glory to OCC .
  22. We'll probably be switching the OCC skin altogether in another 2 weeks. Someone is working on an all new skin that should resolve some of the ugly button issues. Some of the other issues will be resolved (albeit much more slowly) over time as we catch them. I think the majority are working.
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