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#1224078 Oblivion needs more power - Help push my cpu to its limit!

Posted by v0id on 07 April 2006 - 01:59 AM in Overclocking and Cooling

Hey everyone, I've been enjoying playing Oblivion but felt that my cpu may have been holding me back slightly. I have a 3200+ Winchester running @ 2460mhz and a 6800GT @ Ultra speeds. Lowering the game's graphics settings didnt do much to improve my fps so I figured it might be the cpu. This got me seeing just what my cpu can do. However, try as I might I can't seem to get it over 2460mhz (10x246).

I've significantly upped the voltages to the CPU, chipset and RAM (even though I've taken it out of the equation by running it under spec) but it may just be that 2460mhz is all she'll give. I have decent air cooling so I've pushed the CPU voltage up to 1.63v and its running fairly cool - temps under 50 on full load - and its still failing the Prime95 torture test. Have I run out of road or is there anything else I can try?

Any advice would be appreciated.